Pieces of the Brighton i360 puzzle are starting to slot together

One piece of the 24-segment glass pod at the West Pier site
One piece of the 24-segment glass pod at the West Pier site

The glass pod is starting to form at the West Pier site.

Four pieces of the 24 segments that make up the glass pod set to adorn the Brighton i360 have been slotted into place at the West Pier site. The pod was designed and built in France by the same manufacturers who created the London Eye capsules.

In the next fortnight, it will take between 20 and 30 lorry-loads to bring the entire pod over to the UK via the Channel Tunnel.  The first two pieces were put into place on Wednesday, with another two added yesterday (Thursday). There are 24 segments, made up of a floor section and a top section, each of them representing 15 degrees of the 360 degree circle. The 24 floor segments weigh 1.8 tons each, and the top segments weigh around one ton each.

David Marks, architect and chairman of Brighton i360 Ltd, said: “Poma’s glazed pod is absolutely amazing. The quality of the glass is superb, and Poma’s work so skillful, you have to pinch yourself to realise it is all handmade.”

The Brighton i360 tower, which was completed in August, is 162 metres high.  The observation pod will rise to 450 feet, with views expected to stretch as far west as Chichester, and Bexhill-on-Sea to the east.

When complete, the i360 will be the tallest observation tower outside London, and allow 200 visitors at a time to enjoy the surrounding view.  The visitor centre, which is under construction, incorporates a 400-seat restaurant, shop, children’s play zone, exhibition space, tea rooms, and conference and event facilities. The attraction is set to open next summer.