Almost six tonnes of rubbish a day left on Brighton and Hove seafront during warm weather

A shocking 100 tonnes of rubbish has been left on Brighton and Hove’s seafront by residents and visitors flocking to the city’s beaches during the recent spell of warm weather,

Thursday, 17th June 2021, 11:51 am
Seafront rubbish bins
Seafront rubbish bins

In just 17 days, the city council’s street cleansing staff have had to clear the weight in rubbish of 50 family sized cars from the seafront.

Despite repeated calls for people to bin their rubbish responsibly or take it home, some residents and tourists are still leaving waste on the beach or dumping it beside an already full bin.

Phélim Mac Cafferty, leader of the council, said: “The amount of rubbish the council has collected over the last two and a half weeks is off the scale.

The city's beaches have been heaving over the last few weeks (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-210617-113202001

“Hard-working council teams say the amount of waste being collected on the busiest days on the seafront has almost doubled since before lockdown began.

“These shocking figures are a strong reminder that keeping our seafront clean is a huge daily struggle.”

He added: “There are now more than 500 bins along the seafront which are being emptied more frequently by council teams, so there’s really no excuse for someone not being able to find a bin that isn’t full.

“Littering is an offence and if you litter you can expect a fine, which can be as expensive as £2,500.”

Cllr Mac Cafferty said: “Our message is simple. If you really can’t find a bin then take your rubbish home. Leaving rubbish on the beach or beside a bin is anti-social. Don’t do it.

“We’re all blessed with beautiful beaches and it’s up to us all to make sure they’re kept clean.”

The worst day was during the school half term on Wednesday June 2 when a massive 10.48 tonnes (or 10,480 kg) of waste was lifted from the beach and seafront - three times the normal amount.

However, two days later when it rained, just 1.88 tonnes (1,880 kg) was collected as the crowds stayed away.

Even on days that were just warm, like Sunday June 6, the figure was more than seven tonnes.

On the 11 hottest days over the 17-day period, the figure for collected rubbish totalled more than 77 tonnes.

The average over the whole period was almost six tonnes every day.

Saturday May 29 - 5.12 tonnes

Sunday May 30 - 8.66 tonnes

Monday May 31 - 8.04 tonnes

Tuesday June 1 - 6.88 tonnes

Wednesday June 2 -10.48 tonnes

Thursday June 3 - 5.24 tonnes

Friday June 4 - 1.88 tonnes

Saturday June 5 - 4.46 tonnes

Sunday June 6 - 7.06 tonnes

Monday June 7 - 3.96 tonnes

Tuesday June 8 - 2.10 tonnes

Wednesday June 9 - 3.18 tonnes

Thursday June 10 - 5.26 tonnes

Friday June 11 - 3.64 tonnes

Saturday June 12 - 5.02 tonnes

Sunday June 13 - 10.16 tonnes

Monday June 14 - 8.86 tonnes