Boris Johnson and David Davis ‘lit the fuse but didn’t see the job through on Brexit’

Boris Johnson pictured last year
Boris Johnson pictured last year

Boris Johnson and David Davis ‘lit the fuse but lacked the integrity to see the job through’ on Brexit, according to Hove’s Labour MP.

The two Conservative MPs have resigned from the Cabinet after Prime Minister Theresa May outlined her plan for leaving the EU at Chequers on Friday.

Mr Davis stood down as Brexit Secretary on Sunday night followed by Mr Johnson as Foreign Secretary earlier today (Monday July 9).

Reacting to the news, Hove MP Peter Kyle said: “They promised us the world yet when the moment came to show us in writing how they would deliver it, they ran away.

“David Davis and Boris Johnson lit the fuse but lacked the integrity to see the job through. I feel nothing but contempt for their actions, but now it falls to Parliament to pick up the pieces.

“Submitting Article 50 before the Government had a plan was an act of vandalism against our country. I’m calling for a People’s Vote so that our community can have its say on any deal that is struck. Voters must ultimately decide if the deal matches the promises made during the referendum.”

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, said: “It’s an utter tragedy that, at such a vital time as this, the country is being led by a bunch of selfish incompetents. None of them can be trusted. We need a vote of no confidence in this shambolic government *now*.”

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown, added: “The Government that promised us strength and stability has descended into the coalition of chaos once again.

“May’s so-called ‘Chequers Agreement’ didn’t last a week, her chief Brexit negotiator has walked out on her, as has her Foreign Secretary. Her position is now surely untenable.

“It’s clear that Brexit is falling apart, as we in Brighton knew it would.

“Labour will test Brexit against the very promises the Brexiters made (no trade barriers, no border in Northern Ireland, full rights for EU migrants, environmental and work place protections, no new burdens for business and no extra costs) and if they can’t be met we will vote down this disaster of a government and vote down Tory Brexit.

“Maybe the Government should cut to the chase and just hand over to us - a Government-in-waiting who are ready and able to put the country first.”

Jeremy Hunt has taken over as Foreign Secretary, with Matt Hancock succeeding him as Health Secretary having served as Culture Secretary up until now.

Dominic Raab, who was Housing Minister, becomes the new Brexit Secretary.