Brighton MP accuses government of ‘absolute desperation' over Saudi arms sales

Lloyd Russell-Moyle (let) at the Stop the War Coalition meeting (Photograph: Joe Taylor)
Lloyd Russell-Moyle (let) at the Stop the War Coalition meeting (Photograph: Joe Taylor)

MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle criticised the government ahead of a national demonstration planned for Saturday (March 17).

The demonstration is being organised by Stand up to Racism which held a public meeting in Brighton on Wednesday, March 7.

More than 38 people attended the event in Friends’ Meeting House hosted by Brighton and Hove's Stop the War Coalition.

A key discussion point was the sale of UK weaponry to the Saudi regime.

“Saudi Arabia is the hotbed of that kind of nasty ideology,” said Mr Russell-Moyle.

“For some reason, we are totally hypocritical when it comes to weapons which are actually designed to kill human beings.”

The MP denounced the UK government for ‘holding out the red carpet’ to Mohammed bin Salman.

He described the government's move to invest in arms sales as ‘absolute desperation'.

Additional speakers included Paddy O’Keefe from Brighton Stop The War and Naima Oman from Stand Up To Racism.

Joe Taylor, a photographer at the event, participated in the campaign: Don’t Bomb Syria in 2015.

“The best protest is a silent protest,” he said.

Mr Taylor will attend the demonstration on Saturday.

Linda Grace, another member of Brighton Stop the War, participated in the anti-Iraq war demonstrations after September 11.

She recalls her son being reprimanded by one of his teachers for trying to attend the demonstration alongside her.

A coach will be waiting outside St Peter’s Church to pick up demonstrators at 8:30am on March 17.

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