Brighton Pavilion’s Brexit Party General Election Candidate Richard Milton

Brighton and Hove residents will go to the polls on December 12 to elect their Members of Parliament. For a full list of candidates visit our website.

Monday, 2nd December 2019, 9:45 am
Richard Milton, The Brexit Party

Richard Milton, The Brexit Party, Brighton Pavilion

A writer and journalist for 30 years, I specialise in science, technology, and industry.

I have written 12 books, three are now television documentaries.

My latest novel, When Sally comes marching home, is a feminist thriller.

I’m not a professional politician. I’m an ordinary member of the public.

I believe the majority’s democratic will has been ignored.

I want to restore common sense and trust to politics by representing this will.

I will act on the referendum result to leave the EU – not on EU terms, as in Boris’ agreement, but on terms favourable to the British people.

That means leaving with a clean break and then starting negotiations for a trade agreement.

Britain’s democracy has been compromised by actions of an elite few who think they know what’s best for the rest of us and are acting in an unprincipled way.

I want to remind them that they work for us, the people, and that sovereignty rests with us, not them.

Three years ago, 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU – the biggest democratic mandate in British political history.

For the past three years a small, elite group of a few hundred people at Westminster – some in Parliament, some not – have worked to block Brexit.

As well as disenfranchising 17.4 million leavers, that self-appointed elite have disenfranchised everyone.

They have replaced democracy with personal wishes.

The Brexit Party has been formed to restore democracy to politics and to restore trust between politicians and voters.