Brighton Pavilion’s Conservative Party General Election Candidate Emma Louise Hogan

Brighton and Hove residents will go to the polls on December 12 to elect their Members of Parliament. For a full list of candidates visit our website.

Monday, 2nd December 2019, 9:44 am
Emma Louise Hogan, The Conservative Party

Emma Louise Hogan, The Conservative Party, Brighton Pavilion

In my role as an NHS psychiatrist living and working in Brighton, I have first- hand experience of the

needs of the local residents.

My journey to here began after working as part of the “Parliamentary scholar scheme” run by the

Royal College of Psychiatrists. My role was to advise Parliamentarians on mental health issues

helping them to make and change policy.

This role affirmed my belief that I could take part in discussion at national level of issues that affect

me, my family and my patients. I stood in the local council elections. Campaigning and listening to

concerns comes naturally to me; it is what I do everyday at work.

The issues currently being championed by the Conservative party really resonate with me as a

doctor and a mother. NHS,Police and Education. Climate change is an issue that we need to tackle;

an issue first raised by Conservatives in 1990. I am keen to end homelessness by tackling root


I would like residents of Brighton Pavilion to have confidence in me working for them. I am not a

career politician; I am fresh to politics and will feel able to express the views expressed by the

constituents just as I have had to advocate for my patients. “You can trust me, I am a doctor.”