Brighton Pavilion’s Green Party General Election Candidate Caroline Lucas

Brighton and Hove residents will go to the polls on December 12 to elect their Members of Parliament. For a full list of candidates visit our website.

Monday, 2nd December 2019, 9:45 am
Caroline Lucas, The Green Party of England and Wales

Caroline Lucas, The Green Party of England and Wales

Caroline Lucas was first elected in 2010 as the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, and increased her majority at each election since. As the only Green Party MP, she has been a powerful voice in Westminster on environment, getting Parliament to declare a climate emergency and inviting Greta Thunberg and climate strikers to talk to MPs about climate action.

She strongly supports Britain remaining in the EU and co-founded the People’s Vote campaign to give voters a say on what happens next with Brexit. She warns the Conservatives’ strategy of pursuing an extreme Brexit would do huge harm to our economy, our environmental protections, and public services like the NHS.

In her time as an MP, Caroline has defended public services in Brighton. She tabled a bill in Parliament to restore a fully-funded NHS and reverse creeping privatisation, she organised for local headteachers to meet the Education Minister to warn about damage being done by cuts to local schools, and she stood up for more funding for sixth forms and free university tuition.

Her Housing Charter demands an end to the housing crisis with more social housing, rent controls for tenants, and the right to longer tenancies.

At the centre of Caroline’s manifesto for 2019 is the Green New Deal, a radical plan of action to get us off the climate-wrecking path we are on, tackle extreme inequality, and create a fairer, greener economy.

She lives in Brighton with her husband, and has two children and a rescue dog (Harry).