Call for extra security at council flats to stop anti-social behaviour

Flats In Horton Road
Flats In Horton Road

People have been urinating in the communal areas of council flats in Brighton where the main entrances are open rather than secure.

Now tenants want suitable door-entry systems to try to protect them from anti-social behaviour as well as drug users and street drinkers.

They have complained to Brighton and Hove City Council about used needles left lying around in the blocks of flats in Horton Road, Hollingdean.

But a council official told them that were no plans to fit door-entry systems at their flats.

Jamie Smith, from the council’s mechanical and electrical team, told a housing management panel: “There are currently no plans to install door-entry systems at Horton Road, Hollingdean.

“Generally our programme is focused on the maintenance of existing systems.

“We have noted that the stairwells currently have a large open space and do not have a communal main entrance door which a door-entry system could control.

“We would be happy to meet with residents to discuss their concerns around the ongoing anti-social behaviour that residents have experienced and appreciate this must be difficult for residents.”

The local police community support officer (PCSO) has been told about the anti-social behaviour and has been asked to keep an eye on the area.

Tenants in flats in Hawkhurst Road, in Coldean, and on the Bates Estate, in Moulsecoomb, have also asked about door security. They said that existing door-entry systems were “very old”.

Residents in Hawkhurst Road said that “bits of metal” were sticking out of theirs while some buttons for trade callers were no longer working on the Bates Estate.

Work was said to be underway to replace door-entry systems on the Bates Estate and tenants in Hawkhurst Road should have a new system in 2021-22.