Hove’s Independent General Election Candidate Charlotte Sabel

Brighton and Hove residents will go to the polls on December 12 to elect their Members of Parliament. For a full list of candidates visit our website.

Monday, 2nd December 2019, 9:51 am
Charlotte Sabel, Independent

Charlotte Sabel, Independent, Hove

As the Independent candidate, I offer a clear choice between the future and the past.

We can stay where we are - fragmented and disheartened or move forwards, with optimism, to a progressive politics fit for the 21 st century.

My background includes an Honours Degree in History, Politics and Economics, and working in Parliament, think tanks, the private sector, and journalism.

However, it is through working in social care and volunteering with vulnerable adults and children where I learnt what politics really needs.

People-centred, not party-centred, politics is the way to nurture dialogue and create a morally conscious economy to best serve us all.

Free from constraints of party agenda or ego driven leaders, I can focus on the needs of constituents and Hove to best represent a balanced, centrist perspective.

My unique platform of progressive politics is based on radical constitutional reform, and happiness economics, to create a society built on well-being and equality.

When we reform the monarchy, Parliament and House of Lords, write a constitution, and give regions more power, we create a fair and efficient society from which all policies actually work.

With happiness at the core of government policy we can discuss Universal Basic Income or ways to foster mental immunity, and push Britain up the global happiness index. We can do better than 15th!

Let’s create efficient dialogue between lawmakers and citizens to meet the needs of our community, and Britain.

Join me in reimagining politics. Now is the time.