Jeremy Corbyn in Brighton for union conference speech

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail earlier this year
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail earlier this year

Jeremy Corbyn was in Brighton today to address the Trades Union Congress’ annual conference.

The Labour leader will be back in the city later this month for his party’s own annual conference, which starts next weekend.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been defeated twice in his bid to call a general election, with Parliament now suspended until October 14.

Mr Corbyn told TUC delegates today (Tuesday September 10) he was proud that trade unions and the Labour Party ‘are working as closely together now as we ever had’ and described the Labour Movement as the ‘greatest force for progressive change this country has ever known’.

He criticised Mr Johnson for proroguing Parliament and ‘running away from scrutiny’ and described the Tories’ drive for Brexit as about ‘hijacking the referendum result to shift even more power and wealth to those at the top’.

He went on to emphasise that Labour’s priority was to stop a no-deal Brexit first and then to trigger a general election, where it would commit to a public vote with a credible option to leave and an option to remain in the EU.

Mr Corbyn said that a Labour Government would ‘bring about the biggest extension of rights for workers that our country has ever seen’.

He also promised his party would start a ‘green industrial revolution’ by creating 400,000 well-paid, highly skilled and unionsed jobs in renewable energy and green technologies.