Labour wins the most council seats in Brighton and Hove

Labour is the largest party on Brighton and Hove City Council, closely followed by The Green Party.

All 54 seats were up for election yesterday (May 2), and Labour now has 20 councillors, the Greens have 19, Conservatives have 14 and there is one independent councillor.

Labour and Greens could join together in Brighton and Hove

Labour and Greens could join together in Brighton and Hove

It means there is no overall control of the council, but as Labour has the most councillors, it is set to run the local authority as a minority administration for another four years.

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Early in the count the feeling was that the Greens may take control, but it became clear that Labour was set to continue to run the local authority.

Greens take Withdean from the Conservatives (Credit: Sarah Booker-Lewis, Local democracy reporter)

Greens take Withdean from the Conservatives (Credit: Sarah Booker-Lewis, Local democracy reporter)

Labour held on to its seats in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, East Brighton, North Portslade and South Portslade.

It held two seats in Queen's Park, held one and gained one in Central Hove and in Westbourne, and held onto two seats in Hollingdean & Stanmer and in Goldsmid.

But it wasn't all good news. Labour did lose a seat in Queen's Park, two in Preston Park and one in Hanover and Elm Grove, all to the Greens.

A vote of confidence

Daniel Yates, Labour leader, said: "We have held onto control of the council. We're the first party to keep control of the council for 20 years.

"This is a vote of confidence in what the Labour administration has done. Against a national picture where there is a loss.

"Clearly the Conservatives have had a very bad day today. They even lost to an Independent in Rottingdean.

"They have got no idea how to deliver in this city or deliver on Brexit.

"I am more than happy to see that we have got the progressive parties in this city winning the majority of votes.

"I am shocked. I am excited we have been able to buck the national trend.

"We've seen that down the way in Worthing as well.

"In Sussex, Labour has had a very, very good result."

Greens 'thrilled'

The Greens gained eight seats, including three seats from the Conservatives in Withdean. They also retained Brunswick and Adelaide, St Peter's & North Laine and Regency, and took all three seats in Preston Park.

Phelim Mac Cafferty, convener of the Greens, said: "We have had a brilliant 24 hours, no-one can deny that.

"We have had a resounding success in Brighton and Hove today.

"We're absolutely thrilled with the results.

"They are mirroring what is happening nationally.

"We believe a lot of people have come with us on the energy of the action on climate change. On the doorstep people were talking about it, and we know that it was a thing that people were taking seriously."

On the results, he said: "It means that yes there is a minority Labour administration... but they will have to work with us.

"We have done really well and I am really delighted."

Losses for the Tories

The Conservatives ended up with 14 seats, which is six fewer than they had yesterday.

They lost out in Westbourne (one seat to Labour) and Rottingdean (one seat to independent).

But they kept control of Wish, Hove Park, Hangleton & Knoll, Patcham and Woodingdean.

Tony Janio, leader of the Conservatives, said: "On the doorsteps in Hangleton and Knoll there was a lot of anger, nationally with both Conservatives and Labour. Then they shook us about. The residents did not like what's going on. We got quite a few protest votes.

"It will continue in Hangleton and Knoll with three Conservatives in a tight Labour marginal ward.

"I am pleased residents have stuck with us.

"Citywide it's fairly even, They will expect us to sit down and discuss things like we have done for the last four years.

"I love the committee system, it keeps everybody involved. Especially when it's a three way split that is the best way forward.

"I am concerned that the flavour of the Labour administration might be a bit radical for the city."

Interesting results

An independent councillor Bridget Helen Fishleigh not only took a seat from the Conservatives in Rottingdean Coastal, but she got the most votes in the ward with 1,932.

Two Conservatives were reelected in the ward: Joe Miller with 1,666 votes and Mary Mears with 1,784.

In Hanover & Elm Grove, Greens reigned supreme, with David Gibson reelected with 3,344 votes, and new councillors Elaine Hills (3,170) and Steph Powell (2,267).

Labour's Emma Daniel lost her seat despite getting 2,133 votes.

But the Women's Equality Party also did well here considering it's a relatively new party, with Beverly Barstow getting 931 votes.

It was very close in Hangleton & Knoll, so close in fact, that there were several recounts.

The Conservatives ended up holding onto the seat, with Tory leader Tony Janio getting 1,926 votes, Dawn Barnett getting 2,159 and Nick Lewry with 1,901.

But Labour was close behind with John Hewitt getting 1,899 votes – just two behind Cllr Lewry, Birgit Miller with 1,762 and Kevin Thomas with 1,750.

In Moulsecoomb & Bevendean, former Labour councillor Anne Meadows who switched to the Tories lost her seat – and all three seats were held by Labour.