RESULT: Green Party retains Brighton Pavilion

Caroline Lucas and fellow candidates for Brighton Pavilion
Caroline Lucas and fellow candidates for Brighton Pavilion

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas has been re-elected as Brighton Pavilion MP - and doubled her majority.

Ms Lucas won with a 14,699-vote majority; in 2015 her majority was 7,967.

Green hold

Green hold

In her victory speech she said the Greens had ‘pushed the boundaries of what was politically possible’ and criticised the ‘extreme Brexit pursued by Theresa May’.

She said: “These kinds of circumstances means every individual MP’s voice is more important than ever, and I hope that those of us that have stood for progressive and positive politics can unite to continue the fight for a more confident and caring Britain.”

Ms Lucas said on Twitter this morning: “Thanks SO much to amazing people of #Brighton Pavilion who’ve put your trust in me again - I’ll do all I can to serve all in constituency.”

Solomon Curtis, the 20-year-old student standing for Labour, said: “We’re really pleased that we’ve increased the Labour vote, we’re pleased that despite another campaign telling people if they voted Labour in Pavilion they would get a Tory MP, and we’ve proven that since the beginning we said that wasn’t the case and that the Tories haven’t got a shot in hell in Pavilion and we saw that today with their vote decreasing.”

In 2015, Labour took 14,904 votes in Pavilion - this time round it’s up to 15,450.

Mr Curtis added: “And I’m really pleased that Brighton and Hove has elected two Labour MPs.”

UKIP and the Independent candidate standing in Brighton Pavilion lost their deposits.

The results were as follows:

Caroline Lucas, Green 30,149 (52%)

Solomon Curtis, Labour 15,450 (27%)

Emma Warman, Conservatives 11,082 (19%)

Ian Buchanan, UKIP 630 (1%)

Nick Yeomans, Independent 376 (1%)