Pumpkin the octopus arrives at Brighton aquarium

A young octopus is the latest creature to take up residence at Sea Life Brighton.

The creature, also known as a common octopus, is aged between three and six months old – and although too young to firmly determine its gender, staff at the aquarium believe the octopus is a girl based on her behaviour characteristics.

Pumpkin the octopus at Sea Life Brighton

Pumpkin the octopus at Sea Life Brighton

As an autumnal arrival, she has been christened 'Pumpkin' by staff and has quickly become a favourite within the aquarium.

Pumpkin is housed in a custom-built tank in the Victorian Arcade at Sea Life Brighton, with a number of special features to ensure she feels at home, staff said. One example of this is a range of ‘flows’ in the tank, creating different tidal movements in the water – just as a common octopus would experience when swimming and hunting prey in the wild.

Dr Kerry Perkins, cephalopod expert at Sea Life Brighton, said: “Pumpkin is such a character and a wonderful addition to Sea Life Brighton – our visitors are in for a real treat when they meet her.

“Common octopus are pretty smart as a species, as intelligent as a toddler – and just as mischievous too! There is nothing worse than being outsmarted by an octopus, but I think Pumpkin might give us a run for our money!

“She is fascinated by what is happening outside of her tank, from visitors to Sea Life Brighton staff, Pumpkin observes and takes it all in. Pumpkin can actually see through the glass of her tank and recognise facial features, she’s also beginning to remember people – I like to think that I’m her favourite!”

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