Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984



NOTICE is hereby given that Brighton and Hove City Council (“the Council”) proposes to make the Orders named below under the relevant Sections of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended which if they come into force will introduce the following speed limits in the roads or parts of roads mentioned below;

20mph Speed limits

Brighton and Hove (Phase 3, Area 1) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 20** (TRO-4a2015)

Kings Esplanade (part), Medina Terrace, Sussex Road and St Aubyns South

Brighton and Hove (Phase 3, Area 2) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 20** (TRO-4b-2015)

Anvil Close, Applesham Way, Avery Close, Badger Close, Beech Close, Beechers Road, Benfield Close, Benfield Crescent, Benfield Way, Blackthorn Close, Brackenbury Close, Brasslands Drive, Broomfield Drive, Burlington Gardens, Bush Cottage Close, Bush Farm Drive, Chalky Road, Chrisdory Road, Clover Way, College Close, Cornford Close, Crest Way, Croft Drive, Deacons Drive, Dean Close, Dean Gardens, Downsview Road, Drove Crescent, Drove Road, Drovers Close, Easthill Drive, Easthill Way, Edgehill Way, Elder Close, Fairfield Gardens, Fairfield Crescent, Farm Close, Flint Close, Foredown Close, Foredown Drive, Foredown Road, Forge Close, Foxhunters Road, Gorse Close, Graham Avenue, Graham Close, Graham Crescent, Hamilton Close, Hangleton Lane Portslade (part), Harebell Drive, Hawthorn Way, Hayes Close, Hazel Close, Heathfield Crescent, Heathfield Drive, Helena Close, Henge Way, High Close, High Street, Highlands Road, Hillbank Close, Hillcroft, Hillside, Juniper Close, Langridge Drive, Locks Crescent, Locks Hill, Lodge Close, Lucerne Close, Manor Road, Maplehurst Road, Meadow Close, Melrose Avenue, Mile Oak Gardens, Mile Oak Road, Mill Close, Mill Lane, Millcross Road, Monarchs View, New Barn Close, New England Rise, Newtimber Drive, North Close, North Lane, North Road, Nursery Close, Oakdene Avenue, Oakdene Close, Oakdene Crescent, Oakdene Gardens, Oakdene Rise, Oakdene Way, Overdown Rise, Park Close, Ridge Close, Romany Close, Rowan Close, Sefton Road, Sharpthorne Crescent, Sheepbell Close, Sheppard Way, Sidehill Drive, South Street, Southdown Road, Stanley Avenue, Stanley Avenue South, Stonery Close, Stonery Road, Sycamore Close, Teg Close, The Crossway, The Parks, The Rise, Thornbush Crescent, Thornhill Rise, Thornhill Way, Tophill Close, Truleigh Drive, Valerie Close, Valley Road, Village Close, Warrior Close, Westway Close, Westway Gardens, Wickhurst Close, Wickhurst Rise, Wickhurst Road, Windlesham Close, Winfield Close.

Brighton and Hove (Phase 3, Area 3) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 20** (TRO-4c-2015)

Acacia Avenue, Amberley Close, Amberley Drive, Applesham Avenue, Ashlings Way, Barnet Way, Beeding Avenue, Bellingham Crescent, Bramber Avenue, Broad Rig Avenue, Buckley Close, Burwash Road, Chichester Close, Clarke Avenue, Clayton Way, Court Farm Road, Cranmer Avenue, Dale View, Dale View Gardens, Downland Crescent, Downland Drive, Egmont Road, Elm Drive, English Close, Eridge Road, Fallowfield Close, Fallowfield Crescent, Farmway Close, Findon Close, Frant Road, Gleton Avenue, Godwin Road, Greenleas, Hangleton Close, Hangleton Gardens, Hangleton Way, Hardwick Road, Hardwick Way, Harmsworth Crescent, Henfield Way, High Park Avenue, Holmes Avenue, Knoll Close, Laburnum Avenue, Lark Hill, Maple Gardens, Martin Road, Maytree Walk, Meadway Crescent, Midhurst Walk, Moyne Close, Nevill Avenue, Nevill Close, Nevill Gardens, Nevill Place, Nevill Road, Northease Close, Northease Drive, Northease Gardens, Northfield Rise, Nutley Close, Old School Place, Park Close, Park Rise, Poplar Avenue, Poynings Drive, Rowan Avenue, Sherbourne Close, Sherbourne Road, Sherborne Way, Spencer Avenue, St Peters Close, Stapley Road, Steyning Avenue, Stonecroft Close, Storrington Close, Summerdale Road, Sunninghill Avenue, Sunninghill Close, The Dene, The Meadows, Thornhill Close, Tudor Close, Wayfield Avenue, Wayfield Close, Weald Avenue, West Way, Wilfrid Road, Windmill Close.

Brighton and Hove (Phase 3, Area 4) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 20** (TRO-4d-2015)

Goldstone Crescent (part), Hove Park Road (part), Hove Park Way (part), The Droveway (part), Orchard Road, Orchard Gardens, Park View Road, Woodland Drive (part).

Brighton and Hove (Phase 3, Area 5) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 20** (TRO-4e-2015)

Ainsworth Avenue, Ainsworth Close, Bazehill Road, Beacon Hill, Chailey Avenue, Challoners Close, Cliff Approach, Cliff Road, Court Farm Road, Court Ord Road, Cranleigh Avenue, Dean Court Road, Dower Close, Eley Crescent, Eley Drive, Elvin Crescent, Founthill Road, Gorham Avenue, Gorham Close, Grand Crescent, Greenways (part), Henley Road, High Street, Knole Road, Lenham Road East, Lenham Road West, Little Crescent, Longhill Close, Longhill Road, Lustrells Road, Marina Way, Marine Drive, Martyns Close, Meadow Close, Nevill Road (part) New Barn Road, Newlands Road, Northfield Rise, Northgate Close, Ovingdean Close, Ovingdean Road, Park Crescent, Park Road, Romney Road, Rowan Way, Royles Close, St Aubyns Mead, Steyning Road, The Cliff, The Green, The Park, The Rotyngs, The Twitten, The Vale (part) Vicarage Lane, Wanderdown Close, Wanderdown Drive, Wanderdown Road, Wanderdown Way, Welesmere Road, West Street, Westmeston Avenue, Whipping Post Lane, Whiteway Lane, Wilkinson Close, Wilson Avenue, Woodland Walk.

Brighton and Hove (Phase 3, Area 6) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 20** (TRO-4f-2015)

Arundel Drive East, Arundel Drive West, Chichester Drive East, Chichester Drive West, Chiltington Close, Chiltington Way, Effingham Close, Glyndebourne Avenue, Linchmere Avenue (part), Lustrells Vale, Saltdean Park Road, Saltdean Vale (part), School Lane.

NOTE: There are a number of roads within these orders which are already subject to a 20mph speed limit but for ease of future reference they have been included in these orders.

A copy of this Notice, the proposed Orders, plans showing the lengths of road affected and a statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the Orders, may be seen online at These documents together with a copy of the existing Order to be amended may also be examined at the Customer Service Centres at Bartholomew House, Bartholomew Square, Brighton (Monday to Friday 8.45am-4.30pm) and Hove Town Hall, Ground Floor, Norton Road, Hove, (Monday to Friday 8.45am-5.00pm).

All objections and other representations relating to any or all of the proposed Orders must be made in writing and all objections must specify the grounds on which they are made and should be sent to the Executive Director Environment, Development and Housing, Brighton and Hove City Council, Parking Infrastructure, 2nd Floor, Kings House, Hove, BN3 2LS quoting the TRO reference number(s) shown above or by e-mail to or online (see details above) no later than 6th March 2015.

Dated: 13th February 2015.

Executive Director Environment, Development and Housing

Brighton and Hove City Council

Parking Infrastructure

2nd Floor, Kings House

Hove, BN3 2LS.