‘Rude’ note left on Brighton woman’s bin after collection complaints

Note left on Louise Turner's bin in Larkfield Way, Brighton
Note left on Louise Turner's bin in Larkfield Way, Brighton

After months of problems with her assisted recycling collection, Brighton resident Louise Turner thought this week everything would be fine.

Mrs Turner is allowed to leave her bins and boxes in her garden because of osteoporosis, which means lifting heavy objects puts her at risk of breaking bones.

After being featured in the local press twice and enlisting the help of councillors following weeks of no collection, she thought her rubbish problems were sorted.

But to her dismay, yesterday (July 12) a ‘rude’ note was left on her black bin saying her recycling needed to be put out on the road side.

Her black bin was left in the road and six of her recycling boxes were not returned to her garden.

Mrs Turner, of Larkfield Way, had left a note stating ‘assisted collection’ on her bin ahead of recycling day on Thursday, July 12.

After seeing her bin and missed boxes she said: “I’m feeling quite flabbergasted. If I had not been at home to move the bin out of the road it would have been an obstruction. Nobody else’s bin was left like this.

“I think it was a reaction to my note, which just said ‘Assisted Collection. Thank you’ In a bid to avoid being left again.

“But their response was uncalled for and rude!”

Lifting heavy objects puts her at risk of broken bones.

Her trials began after her recycling collection was missed on May 3.

When it was missed two weeks later she made her first complaint, and another when it was missed again a fortnight later.

When she contacted the press in early June, a council spokesman promised that the cardboard, bottles and cans would be collected within 24 hours.

Nine days later it was still there.

Her recycling was finally collected on Monday, June 18, after Patcham ward councillor Lee Wares got involved.

Two weeks ago on Thursday, June 28, her boxes were emptied but not the black bin.

Again after calls to the team from Mr Wares, a refuse and recycling manager came and emptied the bin the same day and took photographs.

Missed recycling collections is a problem area for Brighton and Hove City Council.

Last year up to March crews missed 175 collections per 100,000.

Sarah Booker-Lewis is the Local Democracy Reporter for Brighton & Hove.

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