Thousands back pillow fight to fundraise for rough sleepers


A pillow fight set to help Brighton’s homeless on April 1 has been supported by thousands of people on Facebook.

Pillows left behind will be collected and donated to Brighton Housing Trust’s day centre First Base and homeless charity Shelter.

Organiser Calum Lawrence came up with the idea after seeing flash mobs online.

“After seeing some flash pillow mobs online, where someone has literally thrown a few pillows out randomly, in city centres I thought Brighton could do with one,” he said.

“I thought it would be a great idea to use this event to raise awareness of the homeless situations in Brighton and Hove, and to raise money for the local charity First Base and the national charity Shelter.

“I would love to raise a shed load of money for these charities, raise awareness and be known for doing something good within the Brighton and Hove community.

“I myself was homeless a few months ago and I’ve completely turned my life around.”

The exact location of the fight on April 1 is yet to be announced due to the large interest, more than 2,000 people have shown interest in the event.

Organisers are encouraging people to take spare clothes, toothbrushes and other non-food essentials and are appealing for pillow donations and sponsors in return for logos, leaflets and banner space at the actual event.

For more information, follow the event page on Facebook.