Drivers warned over 'outrageous' ticketing in Hove car park

Mike Guppy with his car, parking ticket and receipt from Pets at Home
Mike Guppy with his car, parking ticket and receipt from Pets at Home

Shoppers using Goldstone Retail Park in Hove, are being warned to watch out for zealous parking enforcers.

Numerous drivers have discovered tickets on their cars despite shopping at the site in Old Shoreham Road, because they were seen leaving the car park.

One of the signs in Goldstone Retail Park

One of the signs in Goldstone Retail Park

Mike Guppy, a Hove engineering company’s buyer, discovered a ticket on his windscreen after spending no more than 15 minutes in the car park.

He parked up his Klassic Gold Perodua Myvi before heading to a nearby electrical wholesaler to pick up a part and then bought bedding for his pet rabbit at Pets at Home.

Mr Guppy, 62 of Worthing, originally planned to park in Newtown Road, but building work and double parking made it impractical, so he opted to do a little shopping at the same time.

He parked up at approximately 10.25am and was out of the car park by 10.35am. A receipt from Pets at Home confirmed he bought his items at 10.31am.

However, the parking ticket stated he was seen leaving the car park at 10.29am.

He said: “It’s absolutely physically impossible for him to have seen me leave at 10.29am when I was in the shop.

“I was shaking, absolutely livid in anger.”

Mr Guppy was particularly indignant to see his gold car described as green on the ticket.

Signs throughout the car park state it is for customers only.

People participating in the weekly Brighton and Hove parkrun at Hove Park have sent out warnings after falling foul of the wardens.

The weekly free event starts at 9am on a Saturday and some participants used the empty car park for less than an hour.

Runner Alison Porges said: “I’ve not parked there since someone posted about the tickets.

“I don't see how they can give tickets if you shop in one of the shops afterwards.

“Presumably they'll ticket you if you park, go into TK Maxx, ToysRUs, have a cheeky Nando's then decide to walk it off in Hove Park. Frankly I think it's outrageous.”

Parkrunner Kay Poole said: “I haven't parked there since I witnessed the parking warden stalking the car park for parkrunner's cars.

“It's sad. It's a huge car park barely used at that time of the morning.

“You would think they could compromise for parkrunners for an hour. Maybe suggest that we put a spare barcode in the car windscreen.”

Runner Paul Rawlinson said: “A few weeks ago two out of three of us got parking control notices.

“I went back and checked the new notices of contract which make ‘leaving the site’ the breach.

“It would be interesting to know how this would stand up as there is no definition of what the site is.”

UK Parking Control has been approached to comment about its policy.