Video - Brighton - the city that never sleeps

New research released today shows that Brighton is the worst sleeping in the UK.

This weekend we all to lose a precious hour as the clocks go forward.

Brighton - the city that never sleeps

Brighton - the city that never sleeps

However, Brighton is already not getting enough sleep, with the average adult clocking up just 6 hours and 8 minutes per night, falling short of the eight hours sleep, recommended by the NHS and Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine.

New York might be known as the city that never sleeps but it’s the people of Brighton that get the least sleep each night, snoozing at least half an hour less than their American counterparts.

The research by Pukka Herbs shows that, on average, Brighton-based adults are under-sleeping by almost two hours every night, the equivalent of over a whole night’s sleep over the course of a week.

To help Brighton sleep a little better, Pukka Herbs - producer of organic herbal teas and wellbeing supplements - will be in The Lanes offering expert sleep advice, a lie down on its giant Pukka bed and sachets of its Night Time tea and supplements.

Join Euan MacLennan - NHS practising Medical Herbalist and Herbal Director at Pukka Herbs - and his team to find out more about how to drift off to sleep naturally with a little help from herbs.

“Herbal approaches to sleep have been traditionally used to support natural functions”, says Euan.

“For example, valerian was originally used as a convalescent tonic to help rebuild energy (its name comes from the Latin – to be strong and healthy) and ashwagandha was principally also a restorative herb that also helps improve sleep. Flowering oats were also seen as restorative sleep aids. Such tonics would often be combined with herbs widely used for their gentle calming benefits, for restless children, irritability and mild stresses, such chamomile and lavender. The combination of plant-based tonics and mild relaxants is an approach to sleep that crosses continents and centuries.”

Brighton was closely followed by Plymouth (6 hours and 9 minutes), closely followed by Cardiff (6 hours and 12 minutes) and Birmingham (6 hours and 14 minutes).