War of words in Labour selection re-run

Councillor Anne Meadows
Councillor Anne Meadows

A would-be Labour candidate has been accused of spreading "inaccurate and misleading information".

A would-be Labour candidate has been accused of spreading "inaccurate and misleading information" about a fellow party member.

The accusation came after Harris Fitch, who hopes to be chosen for the safe seat of Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, sent an email to branch members as he awaits a date for a selection run-off.

It followed a selection meeting when councilors Leigh Farrow and Anne Meadows were re-selected, as reported in last week’s Brighton and Hove Independent. Councillor Mo Marsh, who topped the poll at the last two local elections, tied Mr Fitch for third slot.

In his email, Mr Fitch wrote: “As far as I know the meeting was carried out incorrectly and a fellow candidate has complained about this. This may result in having to hold the meeting again for the final candidate or it might require selecting the three candidates at once.”

Controversially, he added: "Due to the ward's inactivity, Moulsecoomb and Bevendean may well have been the reason that Kemptown went to the Conservatives, but this will not be allowed to happen again.

"That is why I hope that you will place your vote behind my name when the new selection meeting is called.

"We are trying to build a sustainable, energised and effective campaigning machine here. Please support these goals by selecting me when we next have the opportunity."

Later, Cllr Meadows sent a follow-up email to branch members: "It has been brought to my attention that some inaccurate and misleading information has been sent to you. I am sorry to hear that members are being accused of doing nothing in the ward.”

She added: "It is a shame that the hard work of the two Labour councillors (Marsh and Meadows) with support from university students and hardworking GMB members from Croydon is being misrepresented in this way."

No date has been published for the selection run-off.

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