It’s a scorcher! Heatwave hits the city – and it’s not over yet

It’s set to be the hottest day of the year so far today (Friday),  and the Met Office said temperatures could hit 34°C in the south.

With scorching heat over the last week, Brighton and Hove could be in for a thunderstorm tonight.

Sunseekers on Brighton beach during the heatwave

Sunseekers on Brighton beach during the heatwave

The Met Office said it will cool down over the weekend, but the mercury is set to rise again next week.

As school’s out for summer, residents and holidaymakers flocked to the beach to make the most of the weather.

We spoke to some of the sunseekers on Brighton beach yesterday (July 26), to see what they made of it.

Martin Brown, a Brighton resident, said: “It’s great, it’s nice to have a proper summer isn’t it? People will complain when the rain comes back, when it’s too wet and they want the sun. People in Europe have this weather six months a year and they’re not complaining and we have it for two months and we’re whingeing about it.”

Brighton beach is a popular spot for tourists

Brighton beach is a popular spot for tourists

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Bea Stiller, 40, who has lived in Brighton for ten years, said: “It’s brilliant. I’m going on holiday to Costa Rica next week. Normally every summer in this country I get disappointed, but this year I’m quite happy.”

Steve Ashdown from Essex, who is holidaying in Brighton, said: “We’re enjoying the sun to a point but we’ve struggled to sleep at night, because we’re just not prepared for the weather. You don’t realise how powerful the sun is and it catches you unaware. It’s a bit of a freakish summer, no one’s really ready for it.”

James Holmes, Crawley, said: “The weather’s been really great, it’s not always perfect for my skin tone, but actually we very rarely get a summer like this, so I think we should just embrace it and enjoy it.”

Enjoying the sun

Enjoying the sun

He said: “It allows us to take advantage of beautiful places like Brighton.”

Mr Will Breeze, 23, from Redcar said: “I’m really enjoying it, but it’s a bit too hot. I don’t think the buildings are really built for this heat are they, so it gets a bit stuffy.”

Barbara Bujnowski, a Canadian living in Guildford, said: “It’s too hot for the UK. Being Canadian and all, I’m used to the heat, just not indoors when you have no air conditioning.

“It’s just been a little much I’d say.”

Carly Roder from Australia, said she is enjoying the hotter temperatures, but is also struggling to cope indoors.

She said: “I’m finding the heat here great, I love it, it’s just like home. But the other night I had to get a wet towel and put it over my head to sleep, so it’s even hot for us here at the moment.”

Mr Lewis Mendoza, 40, from Ecuador and four year London resident: “I think it’s impressive for this climate. I live in London and I come to Brighton every summer, but this doesn’t happen much here.”

Miss Gemma Burgos, 28, from Madrid said: “It’s so hot, but I really enjoy this weather because you can do a lot of things that you can’t in winter. Too hot? It’s never too much.”