YES to Area F parking zone: Fair parking north of Fiveways

Supporters of the proposals want to park near their homes
Supporters of the proposals want to park near their homes

It is the most realistic way of helping local residents to park near to their homes.

I want to see a full residents' parking scheme introduced in the roads north of Preston Drove, because it is the most realistic way of helping local residents to be able to park reasonably near to their homes.

I started a Facebook page (Fair Parking North of Preston Drove) in 2013 because I could see that the extension of Zone J north of Stanford Avenue would result in overspill parking in my road. I responded to the public consultation about the extension of Zone J but because I live outside the zone my views held little weight.

I've spoken to other residents, traders, and councillors, and the problems in the roads immediately north of Preston Drove are causing a lot of concern and even anger. They have led to confrontations, as well as antisocial and dangerous parking.

Since Zone J was extended, it is rare to be able to find a parking space near my house. The worst problems are in the evenings and weekends. The reasons are clear: people who live in Zone J but won't pay for a permit; commercial vehicles whose drivers live in Zone J and won't (or can't) buy a trader's permit; commuters to Brighton who park and walk or get the bus into the centre; and visitors to Brighton.

You can even find recommendations on Trip Advisor to park in our area. The parking has caused problems for local traders as well.

None of these issues will be solved by a light-touch scheme.

I actually think the council is doing the right thing by consulting such a big area because it means that people who aren't affected by parking problems at the moment, but who would be if a new  scheme is introduced are given a chance to make their views known.

This was denied to me when Zone J was extended. It's fair enough if those people in the north of the consultation area don't vote for a scheme, but they shouldn't be allowed to deny us in the south a scheme if there's a majority in favour.

I also disagree with people who say that it's just a council money­making scheme.

The scheme has to pay for itself (it's unfair for people elsewhere in Brighton and Hove to pay to sort it out), and the surplus is spent on concessionary bus fares. (£125 is just over £10/month – a reasonable price to pay.)

The root causes of the problem are increasing car ownership and a growing population. A residents' parking scheme is preferable to tarmacing over two football pitches every year to accommodate the extra 400 vehicles on our city's streets.

I would support a long term and comprehensive review of parking over the whole city, but this shouldn't be at the expense of introducing a scheme in the streets most affected now.

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