Collective responsibility is required

Many are dubbing it D-day. Some fans are calling for a change.

Many are dubbing it D-day. Some fans are calling for a change. With 20 games gone, Albion sit in the relegation zone - peering up at a glut of teams who are still looking over their shoulder.

It's understandable that, as the midway point of the season approaches, the manager's position is under scrutiny.

Sami Hyypia's fate, however, should not be decided on just one game.

The results have been frustrating, and the entertainment has been somewhat lacking, but everyone involved in the preparation and execution of performances must accept they must do more to aid the cause. A change at the top maybe become inevitable in 2015, if results don't improve, but in my view there have been many contributory factors.

The tough job of recruitment in the Championship in times of FFP remains after failing to replace like with like. The manager hasn't been helped by injuries to key players, long-term and short-term. The players at times may feel they haven't delivered quite as many times as they should have done. Some things are in his control; others are not.

The Finn admitted he made a mistake at Derby in terms of team selection and tactics. In the build-up to this game, the genial Elliott Bennett says the players must also take up the strain and not shy away from anything. He knows the manager, as he put it, "puts his head above the parapet" when he takes a job. He was at Norwich when they went down, but he also said once the whistle goes it is up to him and his team-mates to deliver.

As we approach a crucial period for the club, and the manager, it is important to stress that group adulation is appropriate when you enjoy the glory, but collective responsibility is also required when things aren't going to plan.