Entertainment: Music to the ears of Albion fans

I was clearing out the garage and came across several old vinyl records.

I was clearing out the garage (yes, it’s that time of year! - and, yes, it will be full again in October) and came across several old vinyl records.

I’m reliably informed they are back "in". Amongs the LPs (younger readers can Google it) I found an old Jam record. I’ve always been partial to a bit of Paul Weller, even in the less-prestigious Style Council phase.

It seemed ironic as I glanced through the tracks to see That’s Entertainment. What a song. Sadly, the day job has not provided much for anyone watching the Albion of late.

The goal drought continues as they limp to safety. Well, we hope. The balance between results and entertainment is often discussed in football.

Chris Hughton has tightened things up, but it hasn’t been free flowing. He was brought in to steady the ship and has been successful in that aim. However, I understand the fans’ frustration. "Turgid" was one word used by a listener on Tuesday night. Sometimes, however, the results have masked some reasonable periods in games under his tenure.

Signings are necessary and no-one will be more aware than the manager himself. He knows the division and knows what’s needed. Some clubs have the reputation of demanding a certain style (not always true, mind). I think, and may be wrong, that Albion fans want attractive football, as well as some good results.

The new manager may be able to satiate the supporters’ desires but if results don’t come next season, the style, or lack of it, may begin to frustrate. I hope that with a rebuild they can challenge again next season with panache and flair.

Then, hopefully, after a Long Hot Summer, the fans can Shout to the Top next season.

That’s Entertainment.