Boxing Day football is a wonderful tradition

Johnny Cantor looks forward to today's game.

I hope you have had a great Christmas and are now looking to get out in the fresh air and watch some football.

I do love a bit of Boxing Day action. Packed off to watch the game with some soggy turkey sandwiches and endless packets of crisps and chocolate. Mum wanted peace and quiet at home and dad wanted to get out of the house (and away from the relatives).

A wonderful tradition but it hasn't served up any real classics for the Albion over the last few years.

Last season ended in defeat in the quagmire at the Valley against Charlton, the year before, the Millwall game as moved forward, 2011 was a 3-0 loss to Reading at the Mad Stad.

This year it's the Royals again but this time at home. The performances at the Amex this season have certainly been disappointing overall. If the Seagulls are to ease any relegation fears in 2015 they will have to improve on their own territory.

The hostility from some fans towards the now former manager at the Millwall game was plain to hear. With such salubrious surroundings it is difficult to create a partisan atmosphere for visiting teams.

Last Saturday at Wolves Albion fans were moved to the side of the pitch. I have to say that it might be advantageous for travelling fans to be moved from behind the South Stand goal.

There are obviously some safety issues but I do believe can help teams at the Amex, especially late in the game.

The Albion has one of the most progressive teams for interaction and engagement with fans and I am sure that they continue to assess what is best for the club.

However, no matter where the away supporters sit in the stadium, the Seagulls will have to keep them quiet as they head home in the five months after the turkey left-overs are binned if they are to stay in the Championship.