Brighton and Chelsea fans 'earn the most', while Crystal Palace fans are 'most likely to be unemployed'

Albion fans cheer on the team. Picture by PW Sporting Photography
Albion fans cheer on the team. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

New research has uncovered details into the working lives of football fans and discovered which fans earn the most, with Brighton topping the list, averaging an annual income of £43,000.

Seagulls supporters are followed by Chelsea (£41,000) and Leicester (£40,000).

Crystal Palace fans were the most likely to be unemployed (34 per cent), with Liverpool fans closely following (32 per cent).

The working statistics of football fans have been revealed, with those supporting Cardiff City, who were newly promoted to the Premier League, found to earn the least, bringing home an annual average of £19,000.

The team at carried out the study in a bid to understand fans of the beautiful game further. For the purpose of the study, 3,400 UK-based adults aged 18 or over were quizzed, all of whom revealed they followed football and supported at least one of the Premier League teams. Respondents were split evenly across all 20 teams.

Initially, all respondents were asked “Are you currently employed or unemployed?” as well as being asked to state which team in the Premier League they supported in order to determine club patterns.

From this, researchers found that the teams with fans most likely to be unemployed were Crystal Palace (34%), Liverpool (32%) and Everton (29%).

Researchers next asked those who stated they were currently in full-time employment how much they earned annually. From this, the team calculated the average earnings for each team's fans in the Premier League, with the following emerging as the highest to lowest paid:

Brighton & Hove Albion - £43,000 (average annual income of a fan)
Chelsea - £41,000
Leicester City - £40,000
Bournemouth - £37,000
Southampton - £35,000
Watford - £33,000
Tottenham Hotspur - £31,000
Arsenal - £30,000
Manchester City - £30,000
Wolverhampton Wanderers - £29,000
Fulham - £27,000
Huddersfield Town - £25,000
Manchester United - £25,000
Newcastle United - £24,000
Liverpool - £23,500
Everton - £23,000
Crystal Palace - £22,000
Burnley - £21,000
West Ham United - £20,000
Cardiff City - £19,000


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