Cardiff City v Brighton & Hove Albion: The key points from Chris Hughton's pre-match press conference

Chris Hughton. Picture by PW Sporting Photography
Chris Hughton. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

Brighton manager Chris Hughton spoke to the press this afternoon ahead of Saturday's match at Cardiff. Here are the key points from his pre-match press conference.

Team news

"The two that have been unavailable the last few games, Pascal Gross and Davy Propper, will still miss out for the weekend.

"And (Alireza) Jahanbakhsh picked up a very slight strain and we were hopeful he would train this week. At the moment he hasn't and probably likely to miss out.

"David Button as well has a slight knee problem and is very close."

Will it be a blow not to have Jahanbakhsh available?

"It's something we're used to. It's about competition in the team and in the squad.

"We've been okay injury-wise compared to some other teams and we always have to look at it that way.

"What hurts you perhaps even more is when you've got players that are going to be out long-ish term.

"We've had Gross out for a while but he's very close, as is Davy Propper. And with Alireza it's a minor injury, so we don't expect him to be out for a long period of time.

"It's always a blow but is an opportunity for somebody else."

Confident those three will be back after the international break?

"Yes, I think with Alireza's because it's still very fresh we have to assess that one.

"Pascal has trained with us and both Pascal and Davy at the moment are scheduled to train with us on Monday. It's about the work they do over these next couple of weeks and how close they will be."

Is Saturday's game the type you should be winning?

"I don't think it's the type of game we should be winning. It goes without saying when you get used to this league - and this is still only our second season in this league - there are places in this division, i.e. the top six that you know are more difficult than elsewhere.

"I wouldn't put it in a category of a game we should win but they are a team we know quite well. They're level of performance this season has been good. We've watched quite a few games and now perhaps results haven't gone the way they would like.

"They are at home and there will be a boisterous crowd there and they are on the back of a good performance against Leicester. Our approach will be exactly the same whichever team we were playing away from home.

"It's an opportunity for us, as is every game."

Neil Warnock joked you give managers a bad name because you're so nice. What do you think of that?

"It's very nice of Neil to say. But it's also very difficult in this profession to be nice and to be nice all the time.

"There are so many tough decisions that have to be made. To have any type of success with a team and for every club success is different.

For us, success is keeping a team in the Premier League and building from there. It's impossible to do all of them things and to be nice all the time.

"What you try to do is approach the game within your personality and I know my personality but it's impossible to be nice probably most of the time.

"Neil is somebody I know very well. We've crossed paths on lots of occasions on and off the pitch and he's a manager I have great respect for.

"He has a wonderful track record and he's brought a team into the division and if I look at the three teams that came up, Cardiff would be the side who have spent the least and Neil continues to do a very good job, which makes Saturday's game very tough."

Lewis Dunk's England call

“What we have done as a club is given him the platform to make the progress he has.

“Some of that has been under me, not all of it, and I’m sure Lewis would be thankful to a lot of other coaches before me.

“He has earned it. He embarked last season on his first in the Premier League and he did himself credit.

“We are going through a time where there are so many good players playing in this division and so many good English players, so competition is high.

“For Lewis to get into a squad – his second – is testament to the hard work he has put in.”

Is Florin Andone in contention to start on Saturday?

"He's in a far better place now than when he was a month ago.

"As regards being available and fit, yes he is. He's pushing as hard as possible."

Four of next five games are against sides in the bottom seven. Is this a key period?

"It's a crucial period but when you play in this division and it's such a tough division, we go through so many crucial periods.

"For what points we're going to get this season, the law of averages are we're going to get more of those points against the teams that are not in the top six, seven or eight of this division.

"We can talk that way but we have to capitalise on it and after the weekend's game, we will have played seven away games to five at home.

"They're the areas we can talk about but you have to be able to capitalise on them."


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