Let’s put this season to bed and look forward to 2015-16

A hot topic on North Stand Chat at the moment is the state of supporters’ mojos.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.46.41A hot topic on North Stand Chat at the moment is the state of supporters’ mojos. An emotive subject, some prominent fans - at the forefront of the numerous campaigns to save the club - have voiced concerns over their general apathy towards the Albion, and to football in general.

This is, of course, is a potentially-incendiary issue, but it is definitely worth discussing.

Supporting a football club is a hard-to-accurately-explain bond that is deep-rooted, engrained, and - for some - unbreakable. That is, of course, until what binds you to the said club is perceived to be missing, or on the slide.

Brighton and Hove Albion exists, competes in a world-class stadium, regularly welcomes 25,000+ crowds, and trains in a state-of-the-art complex because of one entity - the fans.

Yes, Tony Bloom funded it all, and we will all be forever grateful, but the supporters - who marched, sent flowers, blew whistles, waved banners, wrote letters, attended marches, and never, ever, ever stopped believing - are the reason we still have a club to support.

The Albion’s story is unique: the stadium sale, the Priestfield treks, 12 years at a temporary arena, and the seemingly-endless campaigning, took its toll on much of the hardcore support.

Moving to the Amex, the club, in a heartbeat, virtually tripled in size. With this came administrative upheaval, new suppliers, new working methods and FFP becoming an all-too-frequent topic of conversation.

A football club isn’t like a bank, a shop, or insurance company. By definition, all football fans are customers. But customers - if they are unhappy with a product - can venture elsewhere. Football fans don’t - or most certainly shouldn’t - ever change colours. We stick around when the going gets tough. It’s in our DNA.

A high turnover of uninterested players doesn’t help fans’ mojos and this season has, on the whole, been rather dull.

A procession of high-wage-earning journeymen, not giving their all, have "graced" the hallowed turf during 2014-15 and their apparent lack of commitment rubs off on the crowd, creating - at times - an unpleasant atmosphere.

We want to see players give 100%, at all times, and absolutely nothing less. They are paid a fortune, and we pay good money to watch them.

The only predictable thing about following the Albion is that it’s unpredictable! The club is in very good hands, but we need positivity moving forward. Fingers crossed for staying up and here’s to a clean slate at the beginning of August.