Graham Potter responds to Brighton's £100m boost after Premier League TV deal confirmed

The Premier League has agreed to renew its £5billion domestic television deal in a move which provides greater financial certainty to clubs at all levels amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 3:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th May 2021, 3:46 pm
Brighton ensured their Premier League safety earlier this week and will be part of the new £5bn TV deal

The English top flight gained Government approval in principle to roll over its existing rights agreements with Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video and BBC Sport for a further three years, through to 2025.

Under normal circumstances the rights would have been contested in an open tender, but the league was able to demonstrate “exceptional and compelling reasons” to the Government for it to agree to an exclusion order under the Competition Act and go ahead with a private sale.

The renewal of the deal means the Premier League’s current commitment of £1.5billion to the football pyramid over the three years of the next rights cycle can be maintained, with an additional £100m to be distributed over the next four years.

The £5bn deal is over three years and equates to more than £32m per club each season, due to the Premier League's equal share.

The total for the three-year cycle means Brighton are on track to receive almost £100m

"In general terms, we have been through a lot pain and not just football, everyone has," said Albion head coach Graham Potter.

"Now it’s about how we can help each other through and provide the best framework for the best conditions that everyone can get back on their feet as quickly as possible."

The agreement means 200 matches a season will continue to be broadcast live – 128 on Sky, 52 on BT and 20 on Amazon.

The deal is a huge boost to the Premier League, at a time when the value of broadcasting rights has generally been in decline around the world.

The league’s chief executive Richard Masters said: “The Premier League would like to express our gratitude to our broadcast partners for their continued commitment to the Premier League and support for the football pyramid.

“We are hugely appreciative of the Government agreeing in principle to allow this arrangement and for their continued support for the Premier League and the English game. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on football, and renewals with our UK broadcast partners will reduce uncertainty, generate stability and promote confidence within the football pyramid.

“We know that, once concluded, this will have a positive impact on the wider industry, jobs and tax revenues and will enable us to maintain and increase our existing solidarity and community financial commitments to the football pyramid for the next four years, even though we are yet to understand the full impact of the pandemic.

“It comes at an important time and will enable us to plan ahead with increased certainty against a more stable economic backdrop.”