The huge proposed VAR change which could affect Brighton & Hove Albion

VAR has caused controversy in the Premier League this season.

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 12:03 pm
VAR has caused controversy

VAR has been a huge talking point from day one in the Premier League.

Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino finding himself adjudged offside due to his armpit at Villa Park on Saturday was just the latest in a string of controversial VAR decisions in the top flight.

Seeing pundits up in arms about a VAR howler seems to be a weekly occurrence at the moment, with many calling for change.

The pundits aren’t alone, with reports from The Telegraph suggesting that many Premier League clubs share their concerns.

All 20 Premier League clubs are set to meet next week where they will discuss the use of VAR, with high-profile figures from a number of clubs concerned with how it is being used.

The Telegraph reports that Premier League managers like Brighton's Graham Potter could soon be given a set number of appeals, in a radical change to how VAR is used.

A number of sports use a similar system already, one notable example being tennis’ use of the Hawk-eye challenge system at Wimbledon.

However, the report says that the Premier League would be against the idea of appeals initially, due to fears that teams could use appeals tactically as a means to waste time.

They say that at this stage there is no suggestion that Premier League teams will vote on scrapping VAR.