Johnny Cantor / We all have our favourites but what makes a true Brighton and Hove Albion great?

By Johnny Cantor

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 5:43 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd November 2019, 5:44 pm
Bobby Zamora will always be held in high regard at Brighton ans Hove Albion

On a rare Saturday not working I had the pleasure of watching my daughter play football recently.

While on the sidelines a young brother of one of her teammates proudly showed me his new batch of match attacks. Now if you don't know what they are think Panini stickers of this century.

He trawled through the pack keen to tell me all about them, and of course, all the best bits about each one. I was suddenly transported back to my youth and the memories of my paper collection of players.

When I was young, I loved watching Glenn Hoddle. I used to a admire his touch, his passing and his grace. It is strange really as I don’t support Tottenham and he probably wasn’t the best in his era anyway.

I guess everyone has their favourite, but what criteria makes a certain striker, midfielder or goalkeeper their most cherished? This week on the Albion Unlimited podcast on BBC Sussex I was delighted to be reunited with a former summariser and ex Albion skipper Brian Horton.

Brian is still much loved on the south coast. Why? well he was a captain, a leader and he gave everything. He may not have been the most glamorous of players but he had grit and determination.

Most youngsters want to play up front. That’s understandable as they score the goals. Think "Albion greats" and the likes of Ward, Zamora and Murray may well spring to mind but although I wasn’t young enough to see Brian play he surely has to be up there on the list.

So who was, or is, the greatest Albion player ever? Ex pros often say you can’t compare players across different eras but the people who can are the fans. So it is over to you then. Who is the greatest Albion player ever?

Answers, not on a postcard, but in the comments section below! People ask me who is the best Seagulls’ player I have commentated on. I have to admit I often think it is impossible. The most skilful? Vicente. The most underrated? Gordon Greer. The most committed? Shane Duffy. I could go on but fear not I won’t.

Ultimately we should all appreciate different players for their different attributes but I will leave it up to you to tell us who your best player is. He or she may not be the most graceful, the fastest or the most clinical, they may just be your favourite.

We’ve all got one, and that’s ok. It might be where they play, how they play or the way they have their hair! That young boy on the side has probably never even heard of Glenn Hoddle or Brian Horton but next time I see him I will ask who he thinks is the best and who is his favourite. I just wonder if they will be the same.

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