'We had the European Champions on the ropes': Brighton and Hove Albion fans react to Liverpool loss

Brighton and Hove Albion produced a positive display at Anfield despite their 2-1 loss.

Sunday, 1st December 2019, 10:54 am
Updated Sunday, 1st December 2019, 10:55 am
Brighton and Hove Albion were so close to claiming a point at Anfield on Saturday

Here we take to social media to gauge the fans' reaction. They discuss Lewis Dunk's clever freekick, why Shane Duffy was on the bench, why Brighton's team resembles playing Football Manager on magic mushrooms.

@BennettsField Stephens, Propper, Dunk, Burn and Ryan stood out for me. No shame in conceding two goals against giant VVD. Thought Dunk rose to the challenge after that. Brilliant leadership. Loads of blocks. And great thinking for the goal. IF we repeat at Arsenal we won’t lose.


@wearebrighton We've let in two free headers in five minutes with Shane Duffy sitting on the bench. But hey, at least Webster can play a nice pass 10 yards and sometimes runs up the pitch with the ball. That's what being a defender is all about #BHAFC

@Carlbhafc This quick taken corner was deemed to be a genius, quick thinking decision according to Klopp, Brighton's quick taken free kick was deemed to be disrespectful and not the right thing to do according to Klopp....difference?? #BHAFC

@north_seagull 55% possession at Anfield get your bloody head around that !!!#BHAFC

@JakeMelvs People raving about that Trent corner vs Barcelona, but no ones bat an eyelid on how genius this is from Dunk #bhafc

@NorthStandChat Really decent #BHAFC performance at Anfield. After two poorly-conceded goals, Albion matched the European champions when it was 11v11 and were dominant when faced with ten men. Unlucky not to leave Liverpool with a first league point since 1982.

@ratsoalbion Another thing off the bucket list; 35 years after first deciding I wanted to go, I’m at Anfield. For a league match #BHAFC

@JonRobards Did anyone else notice the linesman flagged almost every #bhafc attack for offside. Even a few times they showed on TV that he wasn’t offside. What happened to letting play go on and VAR checking afterwards? Or are you not allowed to attack Liverpool’s goal?

@BHAseagulls_com Gutted not to get a result in the end but what a performance from Propper. He's thriving under Potter #BHAFC #LFCBHA

@Ryanmoss58 Really starting to think Dunk is our biggest club legend? Wasn’t old enough to see Zamora in his first spell and Wasn’t even born when Ward was playing though. He is captaining in our best ever period as a club so has to be up there?? #bhafc

@BennettsField Just back from the game. What an effort. We were fantastic on that second half. Disappointed to concede those early goals. Have to say the ref was so biased to them all match though. Free kicks given to them for nothing, hardly anything given the other way for us. #bhafc

@joeross00 Had the European champions on the ropes. I’ll take that #bhafc

@wearebrighton Today's #BHAFC starting XI features five central midfielders, a 19-year-old playing up front by himself and a 6'7 centre half at left back. It's like when I used to play Football Manager at Uni after a session on the old magic mushrooms. What a time to be alive