Wolves v Brighton: What did Chris Hughton say in his pre-match press conference?

Chris Hughton spoke to the press this afternoon ahead of Brighton & Hove Albion's Premier League match at Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday. Here are the key points.

Thursday, 18th April 2019, 4:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th April 2019, 4:07 pm
Chris Hughton. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

What's the team news?

"There's no injuries. We were in that position in midweek and have no injuries from Tuesday."

How's the attitude of the players? Are they quite low or easy to lift for a battle to stay up?

"The mood you have to take is as it is now. The mood after the game on Tuesday was low which is normal. We were on the back of a defeat.

"Generally what happens is over the period of the next day once we go through the game, post game, analyse, it's then about the next challenge.

"We are very acceptant here that for the level of club we are it's always going to be that way, whether that's better times or more difficult times of late nothing changes. Every game is going to be a challenge."

Is this the toughest test of your career?

"There's no doubt if I look at our season it's the most difficult time, more Saturday than Tuesday because that wasn't like us.

"The level of club we are, we are not going to go through a season without difficult times and without challenges.

"Expectations rise a little bit but the reality is this is still only our second season (in the Premier League).

"There are some areas where it's been difficult for us and players we've missed but these are the challenges we have to look forward to."

Do critics need a reality check as it's only your second season in the Premier League?

"I don't know about a reality check because it's the game.

"For some expectations get a little bit higher and for some they realise.

"For us in every game is difficult and tough.

"We are not going to go through the season and have a easy, comfortable game. That's the level we are.

"We are very aware of what we are and what the challenges are."

What are the expectations from above? Do you have regular chats with the chairman and do you feel supported?

"Yes and I always have regular chats with the chairman, Paul Barber, Dan Ashworth who has now come in.

"They're the ones who I will speak to on a fairly regular basis. Most of that is about games, performances in the games, how things are during the week and in training.

"There would be nothing different now than at any stage of the season."

You've already beaten Wolves this season. Do you view it as one of the more winnable games you've got left?

"I'm definitely viewing it as an opportunity because we have to in every game we play.

"When you are on the back of a performance or result that could have been better, the next game and the one after that which is Tottenham we will look at no different.

"The next game is the opportunity we have where we can improve our performance and if you can do that it gives you a better chance to get a result."

With some top sides to come after Wolves, does it add more pressure on the game?

"The pressure is it's the next game. The next game is our next best opportunity to get a result.

"We will never go into any of the big games against the big six feeling in any way we can't get something.

"At the moment this game against Wolves on Saturday is the most important one because it's the next one."

What's the quality your side needs to show to get out of trouble?

"The same qualities that got us to the Premier League in the first place and the same qualities that have kept us here and kept us at this stage, two points above the relegation zone with five games to play.

"That's our togetherness and battling qualities.

"We know there are some qualities we're not going to have as such as the bigger teams have and the quality of player they can bring in.

"We have to make up for it in other ways.

"That's what this team was built on and that's what we need to make sure we show plenty of."

You've just come off the training ground. Can you put your finger on why passes are going astray and the quality isn't there at moment?

"We have spoken about it and had a fairly long meeting after the game which is very normal.

"We had a shorter meeting this morning outside on the grass. It's about making sure we do the right things to get the result we need.

"Every team at our level is going to have periods where they don't play to the level they know they can.

"Around that there is going to be anxiety and miss placed passes.

"We started the game very well against Cardiff. These are the moments where you need something to go for you, a lucky goal or a penalty we should have got I felt.

"It's a game where if we get the first goal it changes the outcome. It gives us something to hold on to.

"These are all the factors as a team and as a manager you have to try to address.

"Sometimes there isn't the right answer. Sometimes the answer is that's the game. You are playing so many competitive games and just try to get more things right than not."

Do you worry the players have lost confidence?

"I can't afford to worry and can't afford to think that way.

"My only job at this moment is to make sure to set the tactics right and make sure the players are disciplined enough around the tactics to give us every chance of scoring and winning a game.

"That's the mindset of the players right at this moment.

"For any difficult period or anything we've done wrong, there is the opportunity to improve or be better.

"We are at a stage now going into the last five games we have to ensure we do that."

There has been criticism on social media from fans about performances. Do you let that get to you or do you have to shut it out?

"You have to shut it out. As regards any criticism it's normal and it's understandable. We have so many media outlets and so many pundits and everybody is going to have opinions and views. That's part and parcel of the game.

"What we have to accept is if there is going to be good things said about a team or individuals then at times when things haven't gone so well you have to accept that's how it is.

"You can't afford to let it concern you. What you have to think about is making sure you improve in the next game, put it to one side, be big and brave enough to get results."