Brighton boss Hughton admires Chelsea manager Sarri's belief in his own convictions

Brighton & Hove Albion boss Chris Hughton admires Maurizio Sarri's belief in his style of play despite criticism from Chelsea supporters this season.

Monday, 1st April 2019, 6:13 pm
Updated Monday, 1st April 2019, 6:26 pm
Maurizio Sarri. Picture by Getty Images

Blues fans have been critical of 'Sarriball' in recent weeks and chants of 'We want Sarri out' and 'You don't know what you're doing' were reported during their 2-1 win at Cardiff on Saturday.

Sarri afterwards said he is getting used to criticism from the Chelsea supporters and Hughton thinks that type of pressure and expectation is normal at a big club.

Brighton travel to Stamford Bridge tomorrow evening and talking about Chelsea fans' criticism of Sarri, Hughton said: “I think it’s normal at any big club when expectations are high.

“We have our own difficulties or managerial problems or whatever when you are a managing at our end of the table.

“But there is big pressure that comes with managing at the top end.

“One area in particular that I admire him as a manager is he is very strong about the way he wants to play, through any criticism.

“He believes very much in what he wants and the way the team play.

“He has the courage of his own convictions.

“If they finish in the top four which is the pressure that all the top six teams are under, then people will deem it as possibly a good season.

“The season is not finished yet. He is a manager that has a way of playing, through any sort of criticism. He has strong beliefs. I must admit I admire him for that."

Asked if a bad atmosphere at Stamford Bridge could help Brighton get a result, Hughton said: "Occasionally at Brighton, where the expectations have risen a little bit, if we’re not playing as well, you can feel that (fan pressure). And that’s at Brighton. Our supporters have been brilliant all season.

“It’s normal expectations and if they’re not playing well against us then, yes, it’s a crowd that will show it.

“That’s normal expectations. What you saw on Sunday was some frustration from the supporters but you also saw the supporters’ reaction when the two Chelsea goals went in.

“What supporters will always do is support their club and support their time. If it’s a better performance for them on Wednesday night, they will be very much behind the team."