Brighton v West Ham: What did Chris Hughton say in his pre-match press conference?

Brighton manager Chris Hughton spoke to the press this afternoon ahead of Friday's match with West Ham. Here are they key points from the pre-match press conference.

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 3:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th October 2018, 7:34 am
Chris Hughton. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

How pleased are you Paul Nevin has been selected to coach with England as part of The FA's BAME initiative?

"I'm pleased all round, for this football club, but mostly for Paul who is somebody who has managed and coached for a long time and has a lot of experience.

"This was an initiative the FA spoke a while back and are seeing it through but mostly I'm delighted for Paul."

What will Paul take to the FA in terms of his qualities?

"What they will ask for him, I'm not sure. That will be down to the staff there and Gareth himself.

"I know what he gives us and he's somebody who has a lot of experience, has coached and managed at all different levels, has a thirst for knowledge and he's a coach who has had to go out of his way and has coached abroad. He's been away from the family and shown a real dedication to want to coach and manage and wanting to be part of that coaching and managing environment.

"He is one who has made sacrifices, we're delighted to have him here. I've known him a long time, we worked together at Norwich as well and with all of it I'm really delighted."

What do you make of The FA's BAME initiative?

"I think it's a really good step. What we want in the game and what the game wants is more inclusion.

"We speak about a lack of black and ethnic coaches, particularly at the top end. I think the game wants that.

"Any initiative or any push that can be a positive will be a positive.

"The FA spoke about this a while back. To see it coming into place now, not only at senior level but other levels as well is a real strong indication of what the FA want to do and I'm really delighted."

You've only won once this season, is that down to the tough start with playing Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City?

"Yes, it is really important to put it all into perspective.

"One thing that never changes is who you play.

"We had a home game with Tottenham and an away game with Man City. We came away with a scoreline (from City) where there will be lots of other teams who will go there and the scoreline will be bigger but it doesn't stop the disappointment.

"The disappointment is never any different but you come away from that. The next day, you do have to put it into perspective.

"In our seven games, we've played four of the top six and two of the other games have been away from home.

"We have to put it into perspective.

"We now go through a period of games where some are at home and two of our next three are at home. In that period, we have to capitalise when and where we can."

How important is it you produce a similar performance to the Manchester United game against a resurgent West Ham?

"It seems to be a bit of a habit where teams come to the Amex having hit good form, which is what West Ham have done but it's probably no surprise.

"It was only going to be a matter of time and it heightens the efforts we have to make sure we put into the game.

"We know what we have to do to get results against any team. We will have to get back to them type of levels and use the fact that we are now back at home."

Two wins and six goals scored against West Ham last season, are you hoping for something similar?

"A win is the most important thing. Even thinking back to the performance away from home at West Ham, that's what can happen.

"They started the game very well, got a lot of crosses in and it ended up being one of those games of moments.

"Jose (Izquierdo) scored a wonderful goal, we scored from a free kick and probably overall didn't deserve the 3-0 scoreline but we were clinical that day.

"We will have to get back to those moments where we can be clinical again. It's good to be back home but we expect nothing less than a real tough game.

"If we can get back to good form, then it gives us a chance."

What's the team news?

"Pascal (Gross) is still out. Dale (Stephens) is close, very close and we will make a decision.

"Apart from those two, everybody is fit and available."

Izquierdo scored two cracking goals against West Ham last season, is he a welcome addition back to the squad?

"It's good to have him back. He missed all of pre-season, played 45 minutes of an under-23 game last week and what we want is as many players back and available as possible.

"Particularly in that area. He's a player who has given us goals last season and it's very welcome to have him back."

Have performances been better than results have showed?

"Probably, no.

"I can go through each game. The United game was our best performance and apart from that one, what we haven't put in is that 90 minute really good performance.

"Fulham I thought we were okay but we were 2-0 down but were very good in the second half.

"At Southampton, we were very good in the second half.

"The scorelines are a reflection of where we are at the moment."

Is Florin Andone available?

"He's fine. He was on the bench for the Tottenham game and it was a tactical decision, thinking on where I'm more likely to make substitutions and so. He's fit and available, which is good news."

Are West Ham a different animal this season compared to last?

"You can always go back to another season or so, the change in West Ham is early season and now.

"They didn't start the season too well. But with what they've brought in, it was only a matter of time until they turned it around somehow. That they have.

"They are in very good form and are I would imagine they are playing very close to how the manager wants.

"Sometimes it just takes that little bit of time, a few games to get a system in place and players up to speed.

"At the moment, they are playing very well."