Disappointed Hughton has no Everton penalty complaints saying Bruno 'hasn't got away with it'

A disappointed Chris Hughton had no complaints with Everton's late penalty which helped them rescue a draw against Brighton & Hove Albion and said that Bruno 'did not get away' with impeding Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

Sunday, 15th October 2017, 5:44 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 4:38 am
Chris Hughton. Picture by PW Sporting Pics

Replays show the Albion captain blocking his opponent in the box and his elbow catching the Everton forward as free kick flew into the box.

Referee Michael Oliver pointed straight to the penalty spot and booked Bruno before Wayne Rooney sent Mathew Ryan the wrong way in the final minute of the game.

That leveled the scores after Anthony Knockart had put Albion ahead in the 81st minute as they searched for their third Premier League victory.

Pundits and supporters have since suggested Bruno's action could have been worthy of a red card and Hughton said: "I had no problems with the penalty and credit to Bruno he had a lot of ariel duels and he has attempted to impede him, unfortunately, because there was a little bit of pushing before the referee was right on top of it - but I have no problems.

"When things happen players know and the group know and we would all feel that disappointment, but we also have to remember the sterling work he has done for us over the period of time.

"It's something he hasn't got away with today. On another occasion as we tend to see, something we have seen on numerous occasions with Lewis Dunk in the opposition box, they do get away with it. Unfortunately, we have not got away with it today."

Hughton also felt they should have had a spot kick of their own in the first half when Lewis Dunk's goalbound effort struck the arm of Michael Keane.

He said: "On the handball, I certainly think that some would have given it. It was a shot where it was goalbound. What is has done is hit his thigh or so and gone up on his arm. It has hit his hand and I think some would have given it especially with the nature of the chance being an open goal."

The Albion boss summed up a feeling of disappointment and suggested the late equaliser left the feeling of a defeat rather than a draw.

He added: "So fresh after the game it feels more like a defeat than a draw. Irrespective of the start that Everton are perceived to have had, they have some really good quality in the team.

Having got ahead and I thought fairly deservedly in the end, I know the first half period was fairly even and Maty had to make some good saves, but I thought on the balance of play that we would of deserved it.

"Sometimes when you watch the game later on or the next morning and analysis it perhaps things change, but at the moment it feels more like a loss.

"I was a little bit disappointed at half-time, I thought we could have done more with the ball. Defensively I thought we looked solid and compact as a team, in some games you have that fear of being opened up, I didn't feel that way. I felt we needed to more work with the ball and better work in the opposition half.

"Overall there were some pleasing aspects but the overriding one is when you are 1-0 up against good opposition, it's disappointing when you don't win."