How much money have supporters of Premier League clubs lost from away defeats?

Supporters of Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham have spent the least for each Premier League away loss this season, while it's proved to be a costly season on the road so far for fans of Bournemouth, Fulham and Brighton & Hove Albion.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 8:33 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 8:41 am
Brighton fans pictured at their 2-1 win against arch rivals Crystal Palace earlier this month. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

Fans have undoubtedly gone through a roller-coaster of emotions. Having experienced nail-biting moments such as seeing their team concede sloppy goals, dropping crucial points, winning against much stronger opposition and clawing back from the verge of defeat to get a draw.

Interested in the expenditure of fans, has calculated how much money local supporters from each of the 20 different Premier League clubs have lost from travelling and paying to watch their team lose away matches so far this season.

Wins and draws from away fixtures were not considered in the research. Supporters are more than likely to feel any outlay in costs on transport and tickets is worthwhile if they get to witness their team victorious or at least get a point from an away match.

LiveFootballTickets’ analysis revealed that AFC Bournemouth supporters have forked out the most on petrol (£864.30) and tickets (£330) to see their team lose at 11 away matches this season, at a grand sum of £1,194.30. Cherries fans have travelled a total of 4,682 miles for the losses.

Fulham have suffered the highest amount of away defeats out of all the other Premier League clubs so far and their fans have splashed out £1,037.23 on fuel (£617.23) and tickets (£420.00) to witness their 14 losses.

Close behind, Brighton & Hove Albion supporters have parted with £1,019.66 when travelling and paying for tickets to watch their team lose away on ten occasions so far, with a distance of 3,899 miles.

Cardiff City have also suffered ten away defeats and this has cost their supporters a total of £936.84 each.

At the other end of the table, Liverpool supporters have forgone a mere £42.96 on petrol (£12.96) and tickets (£30) when travelling to see their team lose just once on the road this season.

Slightly above, the reigning Premier League champions’ supporters have lost a collective total of £259.82 on fuel (£169.82) and tickets (£90) from venturing to spectate Manchester City’s three away defeats thus far into the season.

Tottenham supporters have spent a total of £279.88 for their five Premier League away defeats this season.

Stefan Balkenende, a spokesperson from, said: "Local supporters personify the spirit and culture of their football club.

"Their dedication to all matters regarding their team’s progress throughout the season is represented by them committing a significant amount of time and money going to matches.

"This includes travelling up and down the country to attend games. Whilst away matches which result in wins usually justify the substantial expenditure to go to them, losses can sometimes feel like a huge waste of money. Especially, if the team has not put in a good performance.

"This research highlights the money supporters have essentially ‘lost’ from their Premier League teams away woes – with some fans feeling more of a pinch on their wallets than others."