Goal celebrations are not what they were

Plenty of star attractions have been flying through the air in recent weeks above the A27.

Friday, 5th September 2014, 3:58 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:55 pm

Plenty of star attractions have been flying through the air in recent weeks above the A27. Shoreham Airshow delivered a fantastic spectacle, but further east we are still waiting this season for another sight of the enigmatic Kazenga Lua Lua performing his trademark goal celebration to bring a smile to the face of many an Albion fan. He clinched the win at Leeds and assisted Lewis Dunk for the draw against Charlton, but it can't be long before he's in a spin again soon at the Amex.

He honed his tumbles with his brother Lomana, who used to execute a gymnastic bounce or two in his time.

Once, Harry Redknapp told me and the attentive journalists that he had given him orders to the striker not to do it, as he had twisted his ankle and would miss a few games.

I find all celebrations interesting, as they provide a brief, fleeting insight into the mind of the scorer.There's been so many over the years it's difficult to whittle them down. Albion Craig Mackail-Smith recently introduced the Seagull. Last week Leo Ulloa delivered his own ident in front of adoring Leicester fans.

Over the years some have been simple, like Shearer. Some have been misguided, like Fowler. Some have been arrogant, like Cantona and some downright silly, like Crouch's robot.

Last week, there were plenty on show as I finally got to see the Match of The Day 50th anniversary programme.

Not only did it remind you of the beauty and simplicity of the commentary from broadcasters such as Barry Davies, but also memories of my childhood flooded back.

Then I stopped. My past felt like the present. So many goals, but then that Justin Fashanu goal for Norwich against Liverpool. Great words, great goal. But the celebration was so subdued. Perhaps another momentary portent of the troubles that would lay ahead.

He made only 16 appearances for the Albion, but younger readers should check out the goal. The programme covered so many goals, but if you watch it again, check out the celebrations. Henry, Sharp, Cahill,Yeboah. Now the powers that be have banned the removal of the shirt (remember Giggs's swirling?), but we should still celebrate the intricacies and individuality of each and every celebration.

Keep'em coming, Messrs Lua Lua.

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