Monaco in January, anyone?

Much of the talk this week has been around taking the Premier League abroad.

As Albion take a breather before they return to action at the Amex a week on Saturday, much of the talk this week - aside from the KP saga - has been around taking the Premier League abroad and whether England games could be played around the country again.

The FA is keen to boost revenue, while the NFL would like a team in London. (The pitch at Wembley is probably more suited to the Americans’ form of the game).

The crowds at recent home friendlies, which vary from around 40,000 to 80,000, would suggest that a full England International at the Amex is some way off.

Albion’s immediate hopes of Premier League football seem a little more slender than that at the start of the season, but that may change.

I believe games in the top flight of English football on the continent are inevitable in the next few years.

Of course, it is another money-making scheme. But I think fans would enjoy the change and those from clubs who do not feature in European competitions would certainly enjoy a trip a l’etranger.

Could it even filter down to the Championship?

OK, logistically there may be issues, but I would suggest a two-week period in which teams could base themselves in France or Spain and play a few games against their rivals. August would be hot, but supporters might enjoy weaving the matches into holiday plans. Monaco in January, anyone? Madrid in March?

Clubs would obviously take a hit financially, for say one home game that wasn’t in the UK. But in my view it might provide a welcome change to the current set-up. It might also attract a few from abroad over to our shores.

Could football fans in northern France be tempted by a trip to Sussex? There is already a healthy contingent from Holland who make the trip.

I know some supporters are frustrated by the lack of Saturday home games at 3pm at the Amex, but let me know what you think. Now, where’s my passport?