New Brighton & Hove Albion boss Graham Potter ready for Premier League challenge

Graham Potter has admitted that imposing his style of football will be a ‘challenge’ as he aims to ‘understand the players and help them improve’.

Monday, 20th May 2019, 8:15 pm
New Brighton and Hove Albion boss Graham Potter. Picture courtesy of Getty Images.

New Brighton and Hove Albion boss Potter understands the challenges ahead of him and remains realistic in the wake of signing his first Premier League contract, but is optimistic that he can succeed at Brighton. He said: “That’s going to be the challenge. As always, you’ve got to convince the players, you’ve got to convince the environment that you can succeed. My job is to quickly understand the strengths of the players to try and help them improve but there’s no doubt that the Premier League is so competitive and so tough.

“Anybody can beat you on the day, that’s the reality of the league, but I think at the same time, what’s great about football, is that you can also win. We need to try and develop a team that understands that, that has that humility and respect for the game and then just work really hard at improving how we want to play football. “

Potter joins Brighton from Swansea City after a single season at the Welsh side and feels that moving to the Premier League poses the biggest challenge for him and his team. He said: “The Premier League is the big challenge, the competition. That’s what it is. You can talk all you want about philosophy and identity, all these words, but ultimately, it’s a competition.

“We have to be competitive; we have to try to go into every game understanding what we need to do to win, and we are playing against some of the best teams in the world. So the biggest challenge is the competition, but then it’s to keep it nice and simple, to try and improve every day and be honest enough and take responsibility for that.”

The new manager went on to discuss the determination he has to succeed in his fresh challenges, insisting that he will do all he can to ‘deliver success’ but knows it is a team effort. He said: “Nothing is easy in football. We’re here to take on this challenge and we’re excited by it. It’s not easy, I don’t expect it to be, I expect it to be really tough, but that’s why you take these challenges on. I was really impressed by what these guys were talking about. There will be bumps in the road along the way but it’s about sticking together and achieving something that we’re all really proud of.”