One night in Istanbul, or Burgess Hill

Albion could do with something special to turn things around, a goal here, a penalty there.

Friday, 24th October 2014, 10:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 2:28 pm

It was certainly a game to look forward to. All the ingredients were there. Big clubs, star players, historic stadium.

Liverpool v Real Madrid. Shame really as for once I had control of the TV clicker, 3-0 down at half-time the game was gone for The Reds.

No infamous comeback in the Champions League this time around. That night was of course something special for the Merseyside club and I am sure for former defender Sami Hyypia when they won the trophy.

The Albion manager brought up that game the other day as the Seagulls failed to come from behind against Middlesbrough.

Sometimes football is about momentum, sometimes it's about inspiration. Albion could do with both but at the moment they need something special to turn things around, a goal here, a penalty there.

They were close again to that elusive win on Tuesday at Huddersfield but it could have gone either way. Much has been made by some of the need for a new striker or a change of system but the Seagulls could also do with a bit of luck.

Colunga's shot tipped onto the bar, Forster-Caskey's disallowed goal for off-side. Just one moment of magic would help and maybe then they can accumulate points and move up the table.

If they need any inspirational for another team I wouldn't pick Liverpool, I would go for another Sussex side - Burgess Hill. Ex Seagull Ian Chapman has led the Hillians to victory in their last 15 - yes 15 - games.

They are also unbeaten in all competitions this season.

Oh how Sami Hyypia could do with just a dose of that form.

This weekend Chapman aims for a historic victory in the FA Cup as his team head to Dartford in the fourth qualifying round. It's a tough task in their fifth game in the competition but progress to the first round proper would represent something extraordinary.

We have live commentary of both Albion and Burgess Hill this Saturday so let's hope fans from both clubs are celebrating on Saturday night.

It may not be Istanbul but I'm sure Sami Hyypia would indulge with a cold one.