Bengali opera comes to Brighton

The Class Conflict, live musical theatre with folk music and dance evolved from ancient Bengal, is coming to the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton on Saturday, February 15 at 7pm.

Monday, 10th February 2020, 3:55 pm
Bengali Opera beder meye joshna

Shaheen Chowdhury, of the RadhaRaman Society, said: “This event is being hosted by Diversity Lewes, a BAME led community organisation in East Sussex.

“After hugely successful and house-packed shows in London and Leeds, this highly popular Bengali opera (Jatra pala/ ancient rural theatre of Bengal) of visceral folk music and dazzling dance in a stunning theatrical setting is touring to Brighton.

“Narrated in English, the story unfolds a powerful allegory of modern capitalism, class-struggle in world politics through live folk music, dazzling dance and a unique way of story-telling.

“Based on a feudal society of ancient Bengal, the story involves a snake charmer and his daughter, a prince, and a poisonous snake. Will love prevail over class conflict in the end?

“This form of live musical theatre evolved in ancient Bengal and played an important part in evolution of modern Bengali music and theatre.”

Ahmed Kaysher, the director of the production, said, “This pala gaan which resembles folk ballad in English literature is something new and truly an exciting genre in world music. The Class Conflict (Beder Meye Jusna) is a special one and was hugely popular in Bengal in late 70s and 80s. While it is dying in its country of origin, it’s amazing that this genre is being loved in the West for its capacity of involving different arts, power of engagement and amazing message that each opera conveys at the end.

“This theatre experience will take audiences to the boorish yard under a banyan tree in a rural village of Bengal.”