Switch it Off! By Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees

This does exactly what it says on the, err, book cover.

This does exactly what it says on the, err, book cover. Hundreds of ways to stop your little darlings, and yourselves, from becoming those awful people who are wedded or wielded to their phones.

switch it offIt’s a paper smartphone full of stuff that helps you connect to the real people in your life. Of course, it has many features as you might expect, including a battery life as long as your imagination.

Wi-fi, cables and earphones are not needed! You get the idea.

This is a clever little book that everyone should slip into the pockets of all their children. Instead of surfing the web, browsing a book can be far beneficial and whole lot of fun.

It has intriguing facts, games, a colouring-in page, a stargazers manual, a recipe for chilli oil, how to make a paper bottle opener (who knew?), and lots more.

Brighton-based Lloyd and Rees give some startling facts about our addiction to our phones: the average user picks up their mobile device more than 1,500 times a week; the average user checks out their emails and Facebook at 7.30am before they get out of bed; average users spend more than three hours a day and four out of ten users said that they would be totally lost without them.

This doesn’t sound too healthy to me, and Lloyd and Rees urge us to have a bit more fun in our lives and spend some real “face time” with the people that we love.