The Wrong Knickers, by Bryony Gordon

Bryony Gordon writes a column for The Telegraph. She also had a bit of a thing with Russell Brand.

WrongKnickersCoverBryony Gordon writes a weekly column for The Telegraph. She also had a bit of a thing with Russell Brand; he phoned her up afterwards and sang down the phone to her whilst she was queuing in Starbucks.

Her life in her columns has been well-documented and this is a real heart-and-snot-on-sleeve account of life in her 20s in London.

I was wincing and laughing in equal amounts at this painfully honest and extremely funny memoir. It has, inevitably, been likened to that of a real-life Bridget Jones. But this is unfair, I think. This is real. Really real. And because of that, much funnier.

The descriptions of some of the flats (and even finding a flat) in London will bring back terrible flashbacks to absolutely anyone who’s gone through that particular nightmare. The discovery of a bedsit above a kebab shop, with barely a working tap in it and no room even for a plant, had me shuddering with barely-suppressed memories.

She even has to edit her books to fit on the one wonky shelf; she chucks ones that make her look ditsy and keeps anything that has a hint of sophistication in the title.

The fact that there isn’t room for one other person in the flat to read them leaves her undaunted.

She’s coming to Brighton on Wednesday, February 4, and I think I’ll leave it to her to explain the title of the book.

Bryony Gordon will be at The Bookish Supper Society on February 4. Tickets from