Book Doctor: Cooking Like Mummyji by Vicky Bhogal

We are blessed in Brighton with some fantastic Asian restaurants.

Friday, 18th November 2016, 2:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 2:17 pm

We are blessed in Brighton with some fantastic Asian restaurants. Many a fierce argument has broken out round my table about the best takeaway. Chili Pickle?

Curry Leaf Café? Nishat? (I like them all, I hasten to add, but the fact that Curry Leaf is at Brighton Station just about nudges it into poll position!) Bhogal is the real deal, with a cookery book packed full of authentic Indian recipes that are completely do-able for family life. She's a star in the grocery world where her ready meals sold over a million in the first year of being in Tesco (winning her a national award) and she masterminded the recipe book '“ A Fair Feast for the Make Poverty History campaign. She passionately believes that authentic, Punjabi home cooking is available to us all and is miles away from being the difficult or time consuming meal making we may think.

The book is beautifully produced with spoonful's of her life alongside the recipes, which are sharp and bright with a healthy tang of vibrancy to them. I made her tamarind chutney the other week, and I have been inundated with orders! (who knows, Santa may deliver a few to some chosen mates) It was easy to make and utterly delicious.

I am delighted that she's coming to Brighton and invite you all to come and meet her. Perhaps we could all vote for a favourite takeaway dish? The Boys from Portland Road will be cooking from her book and I can't wait.

Vicky Bhogal will be appearing at The Bookish Supper Salon on December 15 . Tickets from