Brighton Vegan Summer Festival celebrates its second year

Victoria Bryceson
Victoria Bryceson

Hundreds of people gathered at The Level to enjoy food and entertainment with more than 90 vegan food stalls, 60 talks, demos and yoga classes and 20 bands at the Brighton Vegan Summer Festival (June 2-3).

Event organiser Victoria Bryceson, 32, said: “This is our second year, we were here last year as a try out and it was really successful. We had loads of visitors and everyone wanted to see it back in Brighton again.”

Brighton Vegan Summer Festival

Brighton Vegan Summer Festival

Miss Bryceson said there were three main aims for organising the festival.

“Firstly, everything on the site is fully vegan so people can come in and they don’t have to ingredient check everything.

“Secondly we want to attract non-vegans to come in and see how amazing vegan food is and basically just try the food and see it’s normal, there’s nothing funny or strange about it,” she said.

Miss Bryceson said there is an alternative for everything for people to try at the vast array of vegan cheese, meat, and milk stalls plus cuisines from around the world such as Indian and Greek.

“Thirdly, we’re raising money for animal welfare charities. Specifically it’s Miracles Mission, which is our own charity, so we rescue stray dogs and cats from all around the world,” she said.

She said the charity’s aim is to rehabilitate the animals, re-home them and then educate people on how to look after them.

Summing up Miss Bryceson said: “We want to show that being vegan is a healthy lifestyle and that it’s affordable.

“People think it’s too expensive or you can’t get the right vitamins but you can and this is what the festival will show.”

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