Crowds turn out to see David Attenborough at Waterstones Brighton

Hundreds of Sir David Attenborough fans queued outside Waterstones Brighton, to meet the man and get a signed copy of his new book 'Life on Earth'.

Saturday, 6th October 2018, 10:14 am
Updated Saturday, 6th October 2018, 11:24 am
John Craig, local artist and tattooist, has been a fan of David Attenborough from childhood

The national treasure drew in the crowds, and fans were seen queuing down West Street for the sell-out event in Brighton yesterday (October 5).

Leah Dandy, Waterstones bookseller, said 350 tickets had been sold for the event, which could be their busiest book signing to date.

She explained that these events encourage interest in books and would like to think that books in print still have 'a happy future ahead'.

Sir David Attenborough greets fans in Waterstones Brighton

John Craig, local artist and tattooist, has been a fan of David Attenborough from childhood. He said he was filled with nerves as he approached the figure who he respected so much.

He said: “It’s a once in a lifetime thing, you are never going to see him again.”

Sir David agreed to sign the sketch that John had spent 110 hours on despite his strict schedule.

Many fans queued for three hours to see the man who is famous for narrating nature documentaries.

People queued outside Waterstones to meet Sir David Attenborough in Brighton

One of the queuing fans said: “Blue Planet talking about plastics in the ocean is educating us of all about that and more.”

Sir David Attenborough wasn’t the only one visiting Waterstones on Friday.

Tom’s Talking Reptiles, an educational group, was also in Waterstones with a number of creatures, including ‘Madam Mim’, a rescued Rhino Iguana.

Tom said: “I feel you need to see animals [on these documentaries] to appreciate them. If you don’t see them, or, with what we do, touch them, you can’t appreciate them. We need to educate people, and many people learn in different ways. Seeing or touching in a close-up way can change people’s attitudes.”

Tom's Talking Reptiles, an animal education group, was also at he Sir David Attenborough event at Waterstones Brighton