Ageing coffee with bourbon barrels

Hey, Tony! Send us some bourbon barrel aged coffee beans. Any flavour except Ball.

Kentucky. They call it the Bluegrass State. Bluegrass isn’t even blue - it’s just grass, and not even the illegal kind.

The Bluegrass State has the highest-per-capita number of deer and turkey in the United States. Makes you question why the colonel is so intent on that recipe remaining a secret. We’re not suggesting he’s deep frying battered fawns - that would be a little dear...

Aside from KFC, Bluegrass music, tobacco, and funny accents, Kentucky is where you’ll find what some people call The Horse Capital of The World.

Others call it The Athens of The West, because Espy wrote a poem about how great it is there. It’s terrible. The poem, not the city. The city’s probably alright but the poem really is bad. Everyone else calls it Lexington. The city, not the poem. The poem’s called The Athens of The West. Obviously.

Lexington has a Toyota manufacturing plant; headquarters for Xerox, IBM, and; and a peanut butter factory that produces more peanut butter than any other factory in the world. Lexington also has Tony Davis. He owns Kentucky Knows Studios and he creates art from Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels.

But wait, there’s more - Tony uses the barrels to age coffee beans. We’re quite confident that he’s the only person who does this, but you never know. We’re haunted by images of a Hills Have Eyes-type family ageing beans and body parts in barrels.

Tony has 13 barrels of beans currently ageing. And if one of Tony’s barrels should accidently fall, he’d have 12 barrels of beans currently ageing. Despite the bourbon barrels, the beans are non-alcoholic.

They must just soak up the flavours of the bourbon from the barrel. Shame he didn’t do this with jars at the peanut butter factory instead.

Tony’s initial flavours are Bourbon (we guess that one tastes of bourbon), Bourbon Pumpkin Spice (that pesky Starbucks infects everything) Caramel Bourbon (so that’d be bourbon with a hint of caramel), and Bourbon Ball (ooh awkward - we don’t want to know).

Hey, Tony! Send us some bourbon barrel aged coffee beans. Any flavour will do. Any flavour except Ball.