The health benefits of drinking a coffee a day

An apple a day really isn't going to keep the doctor away.

An apple a day really isn't going to keep the doctor away, but scientific research suggests that a coffee a day might do just that.

Despite the excessive advertising permitted for alcohol, we're persistently told to lay off caffeine. Perhaps, if the government made a living off the sale and consumption of coffee, we'd see similarly expensive advertising campaigns for the black gold as we do for the confirmed toxin that is booze.

Coffee makes you live longer. No, really, it does - the internet says so. Extensive research has proven that coffee reduces your chances of contracting pretty much every disease you can name.

We all know caffeine is great for pain-relief and headaches - that's why the folks over at Ibuprofen and Anadin add it to their pills. It doesn't relieve the pain we experience when we say that decaf coffee has the same health benefits when it comes to preventing illness, so there's actually something about coffee itself rather than it just being the caffeine within.

When that irritating work colleague boasts about their apparent inability to function prior to consuming their morning coffee, they do actually have a fair point.

Coffee increases attention and memory as well as physical performance, so whereas they state their case in an annoying fashion, they are in fact correct in their denouement that without their morning Mocha, they're useless.

Try a coffee a day and see if the doctor leaves you alone. We'll let you know the benefits of a cup on the hour, every hour, in due course.