The joy of veganism

November is best known as when we celebrate torture.

November is best known as the month when we celebrate the torture inflicted by the government as a punishment for a failed attempt of high treason.

We do this by burning an effigy of Guy Fawkes - and this apparently child-friendly event dwarfs the fact that November is also World Vegan Month.

It's ironic that fireworks scare our pets and that bonfires burn our wildlife, during the month that is specifically dedicated to saving our furry, spikey, and scaly friends.

Veganism to independent coffee shops is like Meal Deals is to Sainsbury's: Nobody does it better.

From soya cappuccinos and fruit smoothies to cruelty-free sandwiches and gloriously-gooey brownies, veganism needn't be freaky, incense-ridden, or drowned in legumes and lettuce.

It can be a totally different kettle of tofu, so be brave and give it a go this November.

You can still enjoy your usual coffee and cake, but know that nothing died for you to do so. Alternatively, you could revel in the sadistic slaughter of sentient beings before nipping out with the kids and setting light to the effigy of a criminal in your garden.