The penny drops…support local shops

It's time to make your New Year's resolution.

It's time to make your New Year's resolution,

Let's make it clear and avoid all confusion,

It's not about you, but the things that you do,

To make our world better, you are all the solution.

You might decide that you'll go on a diet,

But that's kind of selfish, so you'd best keep it quiet,

Maybe you'll fast, but that won't last,

So it's probably best to not even try it.

Perhaps you'll decide that you'll kick the habit,

Whether it's smoking, or drinking, or eating rabbit,

Whichever you choose, you'll ultimately lose,

Even if you have a really good stab at it.

The most productive thing you could possibly do,

Is something for others and not just for you,

Like making a promise, to support local business,

Shop indie, shop local - to your city, stay true.

From retailers, coffee shops, and unsigned bands,

To the Brighton Indie, which you hold in your hands,

Boycott the chains, and support local trade,

Let's all get together and make a stand.

Raise your latte, your cappuccino, or your cup of tea,

And join together and say this with me,

"The penny has dropped, I will support local shops,

For today, for tomorrow and for all of 2015."